Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poor Baby

Yeah, that is right, she is still sick. We took her to the doctor yesterday before we went up the canyon to have lunch. It has been a week and we where a little worried. But he said it is just a virus and should pass in a couple more days. Till then I am going to be changing/washing her bedding and giving her a bath once or twice a day. Other then wanting to lay and watch movies a little more she acts just like normal.Thought she has hardly eaten anything in the last week. She literally takes 2 bites and is done. She ate a whole cup of peaches this morning which is more then she as eaten in one sitting all week.
I hope that is passes quickly and that Sean & I don't end up with it.


Missy said...

That is so sad! I hope she gets better soon. Thank goodness for peaches:)

The Coons Family said...

I'm so sorry! That's gotta be rough on her and both of you!