Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodbye Titus

We are no longer pet owners!!!
I am thrilled of course though I do feel bad for Sean who will really miss him. But he couldn't have gone to a better home. The couple are older professors that have no kids but have 2 female wiener dogs that are 10 yrs old. They LOVE dogs. Titus will even be able to sleep with them in bed. The guys favorite football team is even the Florida Gators!
I have been wanting him to go to a new home for over a year now. And now that we are having our second kid I decided it was time for the dog to go for sure. Between having two kids and headaches the dog was just too much for me and he was the only expendable responsibility. Not to mention since I have been pregnant he stinks So bad and I find the uncleanliness of a dog repulsive. I really didn't want to have to worry about Titus's barking and waking up the kids when people came over. Though he did give me a little piece of mind at night. He really was a great dog as far as dogs go. I am just not a pet person. I love animals but if you think about it God really didn't create ANY animal to be inside of a house. We did that by breading them that way. I Love animals that are outside!
So farewell Titus. You really were a good dog. Have a good time in your new home.


The Coons Family said...

I do feel bad for Sean, he's just like JC in that aspect of loving dogs. But I totally am with ya on this one! Sorry Titus! But sounds like he couldn't have gone to a better home.