Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lunch Up The Canyon

We thought it would be fun to go eat lunch up the canyon. It was Sean's idea because after lunch he wanted to train for Logan's physical test and then run home. It was so pretty as always but a lot colder then we thought it would be. Luckily I brought a jacket for Keilei. And it did end up warming up a little. We went to 2nd damn and ate and then Keilei went exploring.
isn't it pretty

Eating lunch, I loved this picture

Keilei playing with rocks, and smiling for the camera
picking dandelions, she never walks past one with out wanting to pick them

The only way I got her to smile that big is by putting Daddy behind the camera

Keilei playing in a tree and on the docks
posing with Daddy- she is doing her fishy face

Never knew weeds were so entertaining

Sean getting ready to go train
That night I had dinner with friends at the park. Once again it was colder then I thought. But we had a good time. I love when Allison comes up from SLC and gets us all together.
Missy, Karen, Jana, Allison, & Desi