Friday, September 11, 2009

Lily Bug

Keilei & Lily

They could totally be sister!?!
don't you think?

Keilei, Kayla, & Lily
Lily's camera face:)

Isn't she the cutest

Keilei and Lily playing with Kayla and Sam

Playing together

My brother Nate and his family are moving back down to Arizona this week. So the came and spent a couple days at my Mom's last weekend. Keilei and Lily played so well together, they were so cute. And you can't help but love Lily she is so adorable and relaxed.
We are very sad to see them go:( But I am glad that they are moving to the Arizona in the same area as Sean's family so we will be able to see them more often then if they moved somewhere else. Although moving back to AZ I think makes them crazy. I am glad we got to see them before they left. FYI Nate is my brother right older then me and they used to live in AZ when I first moved there. They then went to Washington for about a year? and then moved to SLC.