Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Stuff

Saturday Sean & I took Keilei to a park to play. It was an awesome park and Keilei liked it. I then went to the Women's broadcast our stake did dinner first and then watched the broadcast. It was great and it was nice to get spiritual up liftment, I needed it.

I thought this was so cute she looks like she is doing a swimsuit model pose

This is the playground

then they have this separate playground for toddlers. Keilei climbing under the playground

Getting pushed by Daddy. She is obsessed with the swings lately
Monday Sean and I got a lot of odds and ends done around the house. You know things that I, being prego, can't do by myself or I just don't have the energy to do. I swear something that would take me hours to get done Sean can get done in 15 mins. So I took advantage of his day off. Which he hasn't had in a while. Then when Keilei was in bed we put together the babies dresser/changing table. I shouldn't say we, Sean did it all, I just handed him pieces and made sure he finished it before Keilei woke up.
I will post pictures when the room is all done.
Tuesday...I have had a minor headache all day so we didn't do much. Keilei & I went to feed the ducks this morning. Then it was nap time for us both. After I took Keilei to my Mom's and ran some errands came back to my Mom's ate a quick dinner and was off to Young Women's. We had a guy come and teach the girls some self defense moves it was fun. I want to take the class the guy teaches after I have this baby. Then back home and to bed.
I was getting stuff ready to put Keilei to bed and she was being really quiet. When I went to check on her she was sitting in her dolls stroller sucking her thumb. She just sat there doing nothing for like 15mins it was the weirdest thing but adorable to. I went to grab my camera and she straightened out the little baby blanket over herself and continued sucking her thumb. You'll notice the baby was relocated to the floor.

Man I love that little girl