Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Baby Stuff

Saturday Sean & I took Keilei to a park to play. It was an awesome park and Keilei liked it. I then went to the Women's broadcast our stake did dinner first and then watched the broadcast. It was great and it was nice to get spiritual up liftment, I needed it.

I thought this was so cute she looks like she is doing a swimsuit model pose

This is the playground

then they have this separate playground for toddlers. Keilei climbing under the playground

Getting pushed by Daddy. She is obsessed with the swings lately
Monday Sean and I got a lot of odds and ends done around the house. You know things that I, being prego, can't do by myself or I just don't have the energy to do. I swear something that would take me hours to get done Sean can get done in 15 mins. So I took advantage of his day off. Which he hasn't had in a while. Then when Keilei was in bed we put together the babies dresser/changing table. I shouldn't say we, Sean did it all, I just handed him pieces and made sure he finished it before Keilei woke up.
I will post pictures when the room is all done.
Tuesday...I have had a minor headache all day so we didn't do much. Keilei & I went to feed the ducks this morning. Then it was nap time for us both. After I took Keilei to my Mom's and ran some errands came back to my Mom's ate a quick dinner and was off to Young Women's. We had a guy come and teach the girls some self defense moves it was fun. I want to take the class the guy teaches after I have this baby. Then back home and to bed.
I was getting stuff ready to put Keilei to bed and she was being really quiet. When I went to check on her she was sitting in her dolls stroller sucking her thumb. She just sat there doing nothing for like 15mins it was the weirdest thing but adorable to. I went to grab my camera and she straightened out the little baby blanket over herself and continued sucking her thumb. You'll notice the baby was relocated to the floor.

Man I love that little girl

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Keilei went in to her bedroom and grabbed this hat and wanted to wear it before she went to bed. Kids do the cutest things!
Giving Daddy night-night kisses
This is what Sean looked like when he came home from work this morning. Luckily he didn't leave the house with it. "The guys at work thought it was cool", Sean told me trying to convince me to be able to keep it. I told him that they said that because they are guys and their wives probably dislike them as much as I do, so they are living vicariously through you!
Besides it making him look like a redneck it makes him look too old, and not in a good way.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I was at my Mom's this afternoon and Keilei kept saying Pool and pointing to outside. We tried telling her no cause it was a little chilly this morning. So I said no again and again. Then my sister said to come here. I walked to the back door and Keilei was laying on the rug in front of the back door saying pool and taking off her shoes. Then she stood up and unzipped and took off her jacket and then started taking her shirt off, not over her head but down over her butt. Then she tried to get her jeans off and couldn't get them to budge so she reached inside and tried to take off her diaper. At about that point we asked if she wanted her swimsuit and she promptly said yes.
So needless to say after her determination we went outside to play in the little pool. She ended up not actually getting in the pool but played with the water toys and buckets pouring water everywhere.
It was very cute and made me sigh thinking what this could mean in the future:)

P.S. I wish Sean could have been here to see it he would have gotten a kick out of it. Sean is in Las Vegas this week for a bike conference. He left early Tuesday morning and I have to go pick him up at the airport tomorrow(Thursday) night. He seams to be having a blast because I haven't heard much from him, except he just bought a bike for Keilei and is having it shipped to the house. I miss him!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Poor Baby

Yeah, that is right, she is still sick. We took her to the doctor yesterday before we went up the canyon to have lunch. It has been a week and we where a little worried. But he said it is just a virus and should pass in a couple more days. Till then I am going to be changing/washing her bedding and giving her a bath once or twice a day. Other then wanting to lay and watch movies a little more she acts just like normal.Thought she has hardly eaten anything in the last week. She literally takes 2 bites and is done. She ate a whole cup of peaches this morning which is more then she as eaten in one sitting all week.
I hope that is passes quickly and that Sean & I don't end up with it.

Lunch Up The Canyon

We thought it would be fun to go eat lunch up the canyon. It was Sean's idea because after lunch he wanted to train for Logan's physical test and then run home. It was so pretty as always but a lot colder then we thought it would be. Luckily I brought a jacket for Keilei. And it did end up warming up a little. We went to 2nd damn and ate and then Keilei went exploring.
isn't it pretty

Eating lunch, I loved this picture

Keilei playing with rocks, and smiling for the camera
picking dandelions, she never walks past one with out wanting to pick them

The only way I got her to smile that big is by putting Daddy behind the camera

Keilei playing in a tree and on the docks
posing with Daddy- she is doing her fishy face

Never knew weeds were so entertaining

Sean getting ready to go train
That night I had dinner with friends at the park. Once again it was colder then I thought. But we had a good time. I love when Allison comes up from SLC and gets us all together.
Missy, Karen, Jana, Allison, & Desi

Friday, September 18, 2009

Still Sick

This is how Keilei has looked the last couple days. She has watched a bunch of movies cause she isn't as energetic. The bucket is there on purpose too!
First I have to apologize to Sean. Apparently he didn't cause the throw up, although what he feed her obviously didn't help:) That happened Tues. On Wednesday she was fine she just didn't eat much. But yesterday(Thur) I left her at my Mom's to go to a Doctor appointment. When we went to pick her up they said she had puked twice:(

We where supposed to leave to SLC in 15min to go to the zoo and then have dinner with my brother Scott in their new house. But we decided not to go. Which was a good thing cause not to long after that, though she seemed to be keeping some food down, she had diarrhea. I'll I am going to say it that was the messiest/most disgusting diaper I have ever changed in my whole life. That night around bedtime she threw up again, poor thing:(

Today(Fri) I hope she feels better although it's not looking so good she has already gagged once. We will see I might have to take her to the Doctor today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sick Baby & Not So Brilliant Daddy

I had a girls night last night with some friends and at about 11pm I got a call from Sean. "Keilei threw up, it's all chunky and all over everything! All over the bed, all over her, all over me. You should probably come home. I am getting her ready for a bath right now."
I said a quick goodbye and headed home. I walked in the door and Sean had just got her dressed and handed her to me. She gave me loves then leaned back put her hands on her tummy and said "ouch" then proceeded to gag. Luckily Sean grabbed a bowl and Keilei threw up a bunch in it. We laid her on the couch with her silky and some Gatorade to watch a movie.
I went in to check out her bed. Sean didn't over exaggerate. There was a ton. Sean said "If it is up to me we should just throw it all away"(meaning ALL of her bedding) I told him to wipe up as many chunks as he could and he could throw the rag away. Then just put it all in the washer. He was sweet enough to do that for me, cause I couldn't handle the smell.
He also wiped out the bathtub which was also gross, even though I had to go over it better later, it was great he did it.
We went to check on Keilei and she threw up again, this time straight blue Gatorade. So we didn't let her eat or drink anything more. After an hour or so of watching her show with her and no more throw up we put her to bed and went to bed ourselves.
In the morning when I went to get her up there was yellow all over everything. At first I thought she had the runs, till I smelled it. She must have thrown up again. It must have been straight bile. So I had to wash her bedding again and another bath for Keilei. But luckily other then having a light appetite and drinking a lot she seems totally fine. She even slept in till just after 10 this morning.

So after all that you would think she had the stomach flu,which I guess she could have, but she had no fever. I personally think it was her dads ignorance and desire to please that made her sick.
Let me explain:
Sean took her to the 7:30 show of Ice Age 3 and he told me after I got home that she ate pretty much a whole bag of popcorn by herself ( he justified by saying it was a small bag) and she also had some cotton candy and mike and ikes durning the movie. Now in my head a light bulb is going off and I think, no wonder she is throwing up. Although Sean didn't see it and had no idea why they would be connected. He said "I guess that's what you get for leaving her with me." :) Live and learn right.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Check It Out

Those of you from Arizona need to check out this blog! It is Marry Jordan's Photography blog and it/she is amazing! You can check it out now and leave a comment and be entered to win a $50 gift card to Anthropologie! So go check it out!


Sunday, September 13, 2009


So I feel like pulling my hair out!
I am all emotions with this pregnancy but on top of that I have had the hardest time sleeping. Even when I try to take a nap, I can't get to sleep. Then on top of that I have a 20 month old daughter that insists on being glued to my side and whines ALL day long. What was I thinking having these two so close together?
I am exhausted, on the edge of tears constantly, and want to just curl up in a ball and sleep for like 20 hours straight.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Cute Keilei

She loves to sit in the computer desk chair

She took the sheet off her bed and the pad under it, this is her about to toss it out of the crib
Check it out...Keilei let me do her hair all cute

and yet again.
She has gotten so much better at letting me do her hair.

Lily Bug

Keilei & Lily

They could totally be sister!?!
don't you think?

Keilei, Kayla, & Lily
Lily's camera face:)

Isn't she the cutest

Keilei and Lily playing with Kayla and Sam

Playing together

My brother Nate and his family are moving back down to Arizona this week. So the came and spent a couple days at my Mom's last weekend. Keilei and Lily played so well together, they were so cute. And you can't help but love Lily she is so adorable and relaxed.
We are very sad to see them go:( But I am glad that they are moving to the Arizona in the same area as Sean's family so we will be able to see them more often then if they moved somewhere else. Although moving back to AZ I think makes them crazy. I am glad we got to see them before they left. FYI Nate is my brother right older then me and they used to live in AZ when I first moved there. They then went to Washington for about a year? and then moved to SLC.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goodbye Titus

We are no longer pet owners!!!
I am thrilled of course though I do feel bad for Sean who will really miss him. But he couldn't have gone to a better home. The couple are older professors that have no kids but have 2 female wiener dogs that are 10 yrs old. They LOVE dogs. Titus will even be able to sleep with them in bed. The guys favorite football team is even the Florida Gators!
I have been wanting him to go to a new home for over a year now. And now that we are having our second kid I decided it was time for the dog to go for sure. Between having two kids and headaches the dog was just too much for me and he was the only expendable responsibility. Not to mention since I have been pregnant he stinks So bad and I find the uncleanliness of a dog repulsive. I really didn't want to have to worry about Titus's barking and waking up the kids when people came over. Though he did give me a little piece of mind at night. He really was a great dog as far as dogs go. I am just not a pet person. I love animals but if you think about it God really didn't create ANY animal to be inside of a house. We did that by breading them that way. I Love animals that are outside!
So farewell Titus. You really were a good dog. Have a good time in your new home.