Saturday, August 29, 2009

Relaxing Day

On Wednesday and Thursday in the the late afternoon I got Really Bad headaches that came out of nowhere and lasted all night. So on Friday Sean pretty much had me on house arrest. I wasn't allowed to do anything but relax. So for dinner that day Sean got a pizza and we took Keilei to the park to play while we ate. She had a really good time she loves the swings and the slides. Although we came to the conclusion that she needs to spend more time with kids. The poor thing just let all the other kids run her over and push her out of the way. She is not aggressive enough, she is more of the take her time go at her own pace in her own little world.

Getting ready for the day

I put her hair in a pony tail, she is getting a lot better at letting me do her hair, but it didn't last long. But this time it was because her hair is so fine and it pretty much just fell out, not because she pulled it out. But I love the little ringlets her hair goes into.
Wee on the slide

Waiting to get pushed some more
playing in the bark

and back to the slide again!

Daddy playing and pushing me in the swing...she did not want to get out of it.
Sean was SO fantastic with her and helping me to take it easy. I am so grateful for him I love him so much and am truly blessed!