Saturday, August 1, 2009

Raspberry Days

We went to Bear Lake around 10am t go to Raspberry days. It was a good time although most of the booths were watchbands and jewelry which I'm not interested in. I did buy a cute magnet board and a couple flowers to go in Keilei's hair. Sean got his cotton candy fix and also got some jerky. Sean was great about pushing Keilei around while I stopped to look at stuff.
We ate lunch and then went to Tony grove to say hi to my brother Mike and his family who are camping there. Unfortunately we didn't find them and as we where about to leave we noticed the gas light was on. We only had about 2 gallons to get home. So we drove home with no AC and the windows up, so there wouldn't be drag. That was not fun I was roasting & so was poor Keilei. But we got home!
Then Keilei & I took an hour nap until we where both rudely awakened by Titus barking his head off, dumb dog. Then we dropped Keilei off at my Mom's and Sean & I went to go eat at Chili's. Since the last couple times we have gone the service sucked they gave us $10 so half our dinner was free. Then we picked up Keilei went home and it was pretty much off to bed.
Little "train" ride
Keilei didn't like it so much
I don't know if she really didn't like it or if she wanted me with her because she was crying Mamma the whole time.
The Magnet board I got


Nichole Lowe said...

I have some magnet boards like that just a little thinner. How fun.