Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Wedding - part 2

Since this blog is a scrapnook of sorts for me I had to continue about our wedding...

Our wedding was awesome. Being sealed to Sean was beyond words. It made me so happy when I looked down the hall of the temple and saw him.
Sean & I went up the canyon the day before to take bridals. I highly recommend that it was so nice not being pressed for time the day of. We didn't get married till 3 which was also great. I didn't fell rushed to get ready and had plenty of time to go get my hair done, etc.
Then to the temple. The lady helping me had never done it before. Lucky I knew enough of what goes on because there was a couple times I had to tell her what we where suppose to do. Like she forgot some of the stuff I was suppose to wear and some of the things I was suppose to say. I wasn't irritated, there has been many a time the nice old ladies in the temple have helped me, I'm glad I could return the favor. She also stepped on my dress as we walked into the sealing room and ripped the button off my dress that held up the train, so I got to carry my train around with me all day.
After we took a few pictures outside with family and just us. Then we ran by the Coppermill to say hi to my older brother Bry who had to work. Then we went to the reception. We really didn't do anything. My family and friends had it all under control. When we got there Carolyn, my best friend, had already decorated everything. It looked way cuter then I had even pictured. She was awesome, so was my family with the food, Karen Steele for letting me use her house and backyard.Thank you!!!
We had no line, which I loved, we just mingled. Later we cut the cake and threw the bouquet. Then upon my Mom's request we opened presents before we left so she could witness it. Then off to Sherwood Hills in Sardine canyon for our honey moon night.

The Happy Couple

"Maid of Honor": Carolyn Lyle
"Best Man": Chris Nordstrom
Our wedding really wasn't that formal hence the" ".

Our Cake
It was cheese cake from Sam's Club My sis in law Angela Lofland decorated it for me and I loved it
Cake Table

Guest "Book"
the picture in the frame is our wedding invite, blown up. My friend Allison Tidwell took the picture and my brother Nate did the graphic arrangement.

Center Pieces

Seating area
the Steele's backyard, it's so pretty

My brother Mike signing the guest book
My nephews, Lee & Nick, drinking the punch
The gift table

The sitting area
preparing the refreshment(Susan Munk, Dani & Angela Lofland): White sheet cake with my Mom's amazing raspberry creamcheese frosting, nut's and mints

Some of the flowers

Sean's Family, Sean's sister Melissa and Mom

Sean & My Pops, Jeff & I

Allison behind the video camera, she did our wedding video and engagement pictures.
Carolyn & I

My Dad, Sean -Classic this is how he always is, he is on his phone more then anyone I know

The Girls getting ready to pick me up, the boys watching.
The Girls
Desi Spillett McGee, Allison Tidwell, Me, Melissa Ascroft Miles, Sara Winger Banham, & KrisAnn Palacios

The reception
Cutting the cake

after cutting the cake

Throwing the bouquet
I threw it a little hard Allison and Sara ended up in the flower bed, there was blood and broken things but it was funny, and of course Allison caught it.

Opening presents

Us leaving in our decorated car