Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fire in the sky

This is what it looked like all day to the northwest of town. Then the wind picked up and it went everywhere. Apparently there is a fire or to in Box Elder county which is causing it all. Keilei kinda liked it cause she could actually look directly at the sun. She pointed to it all day.

This is at 6pm it doesn't get dark here till 9 or 9:30

We were walking back to the car and Keilei got distracted by this bench

then she wanted Grandma with her, then she wanted her blanket. She just sat and chilled

This is my nephew Nick that is 16. He is super cute and a sweetie. I took this picture of him today because as I was going through my wedding pictures I couldn't believe how much he has grow in 4 years.
I have to tell you a story about how cute Nick is... Nick walked in on my brother Mike, his dad, reading Twilight. He asked if he was really reading that and Mike says yes. Nick says, "You just lost 5 man points Dad." Mike considers that for a second and then asks "How many man points do I have?" Nick replies fervently "5!"