Wednesday, August 26, 2009


On the plane going to Arizona.
It wasn't full so we got a whole row to ourselves and Keilei was great.

We went with Nichole & Kate to Gymboree. Keilei had a blast I wish we had one in Logan.

Nichole pulling Kate, Keilei & another little boy around
Keilei kept bending down and popping bubbles with her mouth
Then we went to the Scottsdale mall to eat at PB Loco. We met Beka, Melissa and her kids there. I am not a huge peanut butter fan but I had a sandwich with raspberry chocolate peanut butter with marshmallow cream and banana's and it was toasted it was pretty amazing. But more of a snack or dessert then a meal it was really sweet. Then we went to the awesome playground they have for awhile to let the kids play.

Isabel, Keilei, Kate, Xanen
(just missing Tyler who was at school)

This was the tree house. They also had a castle, ship and a doll(colonial style)house.Keilei, Isabel, and Kate going up the slide. Keilei learned a couple things from the older girls I could have waited for her to learn on her own:)
Keilei on the ship, Isabel & Xanen
Kate & Keilei, Kate, Isabel & Xanen(Sean & I in the background)
Keilei played by herself most of the time. She isn't fast enough to keep up with the other kids running around and going up and down the stairs.
The parental couch
Kate and Keilei zonked after playing. This is maybe the 3rd or 4th time Keilei has fallen asleep in the car(not counting when she was newborn).
That night Sean's dad and Jessie came over for dinner.
Tyler and Keilei. Everyone just finishing eating Nichole's amazing food
Playing with Grandpa Lowe
getting chased by Papa Lowe

Attacking him...they had so much fun

Ryan, Sean & Brandon
Brandon & Beka
I had to put this up cause I thought it was so funny. She came from the playroom into the dining room holding the rifle just like this. I think she is spending to much time with my brothers watching video games:)
Tempe beach park

Keilei, Kate, Isabel, & Grandma Lowe have their picnic lunch

Keilei loved chasing the birds around. She also loved the planes that flew over us every few minutes.

Sean enjoying his Jack n' the box

Isabel. Me and Keilei- I had this pic taken cause both of our faces are bright red from being so hot. Poor Keilei is going to be like her mommy.

Erica Coons and Makaela. Xanen

Sean and his sis Melissa. Xanen and Kate- they were such cheese balls
That night we got together with friends at Ty and Makele's. It was good to see everyone. It is always a good time
The kids playing in the playroom. Keira pulled the dog into the little kitchen and all three of them played in there forever. Keilei loves dogs that with play with her.
can't remember what day this was but they all played out in the sandbox and then they all got a bath. Check out Keilei's cheeks! they are bright red like that for at least a half hour after she came in from playing outside.
Baby Shower

All of the amazing goodies that Nichole made
Me opening gifts

Thank you to everyone! Especially Nichole for putting it all together. I had a great time !

Nichole got a babysitter and we all went to Logan's to eat(I love that place) then we tried to go to a movie but it didn't work out so we went to get dessert instead
The, played cards with family, dinner with family...good times

Keilei with Kate's vaccum(which is wierd cause she doesn't like real ones)
took a couple pics with Grandma Lowe. Then we went to a scrapbook store for me then out to eat lunch. After that it was off to the airport.

The girls

Watching a show while waiting for our plane. Our lpane only had 30 people on it so we got a row to ourselves again, thank goodness! Keilei did really well Sean & I even dosed off a little. Keilei layed down and fell asleep in like two seconds when we only had 5mins left of the flight go figure. So we waited till last to get off which didn't last long and then we had to wake her up :(


Nichole Lowe said...

PS not Jack in the Box, In and Out Burger. It was great having you guys. Hope the heat didn't totally kill you off. It will get cooler.