Thursday, July 30, 2009

This Weekend

Raspberry days is this weekend. Sean & I are planning on going on Friday. It should be fun. I t is at Bear Lake and they have all kinds of craft booths and food. We went last year but didn't have any money to spend. This year I still have some, well it's kinda Christmas money, it's actually tax return money Sean said I could spend on what I want so I have been saving it. So if I see something cute I can actually get it. But last year I got some cute ideas and made them. Sometimes it is just nice to buy it already done.
These are the ideas I got last year and made...

Growth chart for the kiddos
Using old windows as decor
(It doesn't look exactly how I want it but you get the gist, the last window is for the new baby)
And the framed magnet board,
although my Dad really made this one I just told what I wanted.