Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some Summer Fun

On Monday
Sean had the great idea to go up the canyon and have dinner and do smores which I was all for. But when it came time we went up the canyon and all the free spots with fire pits where taken. It is Monday in the summer in a town with a heavy LDS population, we should have known! All of the camp grounds charge $8 a car to do a picnic and we had at least 3 cars full. So we decided to do a BBQ at the park instead.

My hot husband, Keilei playing in the stream

Giving rocks to Daddy, Sean is laughing because Keilei is throwing rocks right by my feet
I Love my Hubby
My Mom took Keilei's shorts off cause she didn't want her to be cold. I told her that Sean would make fun of her and call her a white trash baby. Sure enough he did!

On Tuesday
We planned to go to Bear Lake. We got all ready and packed but then Sean had a bunch of house stuff to deal with. It ended up being to late to go because I had to be back for YW. So we decided to go up Green canyon and play in the stream instead. I had never been up Green canyon and Sean rides his bike there a lot so he wanted to show me. He also thought it was crazy I had never been up there. But in my defense there are a lot of canyons in the valley to explore.

Check out Sean's face he freaked out cause the water was so cold

Keilei and Sean(while she was clean), Keilei & I don't know if you can tell but there is mud all over me Thanks to Keilei. First she got me dirty, then her bum(from scooting down into the water on her bum), then...
she just got muddy all over


The Coons Family said...

So cute! We love your family! Enjoy some beautiful Utah scenery for me!!