Friday, July 17, 2009

Poor, Accident Prone, Baby

First off I feel horrible because this one was my fault. I was in the bathroom getting ready and Keilei was watching a movie. I was using the curling iron, which I hardly ever use any more, and I had set it down on the counter. I had my back turned to it when I heard Keilei scream behind me. I knew instantly what had happened. Keilei had grabbed the curling iron.
She screamed and bawled and screamed some more. She WOULD NOT let me put it in cold water, put ice on it or anything. And to make it worse she kept grabbing it with her other hand and she would hit it with her other hand, like clapping, and then would bawl. But she wouldn't let me hold her hand so she wouldn't do it.
I called Sean and he ran to the store to get burn spray to spray on it and gave her some Tylenol. Poor Sean, I had a baby screaming in my ear that wouldn't let me help her and I felt so horrible that I had let that happen that while he was trying to help I was so short with him. I am so sorry! There you where being amazing and helpful and I treated you like crap Sorry Babe! After about an hour, or it seemed that long, she stopped bawling. Then we went to Grandma's to get her mind off it, she stayed very occupied and it worked really well.

Her burn this morning, about 24 hours later.

That night her scab came off her head and the cut is still really deep it never closed up all the way, I wonder how that is going to look later?

If you enlarge this pic you can see the burn on her hand. But I took it cause she looks so cute in pigtails but I knew they wouldn't last long...they lasted an hour.


Missy said...

That poor girl can't seem to stay away from danger! She's gonna be a tough cookie though.