Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Friends

Sara, Krisann, Jana, Desi, Missy, & Allison

I drove down to Ogden with some of my closest friends Desi, Missy, & Sara for a girls night out, and met Allison & KrisAnn there since they live in SLC. We met at Chili's and had dinner and caught up. All 6 of us "Hussies" where there I love it when we are all together. The ONLY thing I miss about High school is being able to hang out with my girls every day. We had/have so much fun together. They always put me in a great mood and I know that I can turn to them when I am in my tightest spot or just need someone to talk to. I am SOO Very Grateful Heavenly Father has blessed me with great friends, and that I have had them since middle school.
Last winter:Desi, Me, Allison, Missy, Sara(missing KrisAnn)

About a year ago:KrisAnn, Desi, Me, Sara Allison & Missy