Friday, July 17, 2009

Bear Lake

We went to the lake for the day and found out when we got there we picked a bad day. It was cold, which we weren't expecting. After Keilei got wet she shivered the whole time and Sean and I never even got all the way wet. It was perfect lay out weather though, if I was 18 again, not hot and really breezy. One of those days you could spend all day outside and not roast but also forget to put on sunscreen. Which is what I did and got a little burned.
We ended up not staying very long. Instead we went and got something to eat and took Keilei to play at the park. She had a blast there. She went down the big twisty slide by herself and then did it again & again & again.

Playing in the sand with Daddy
She stayed in the shallow water cause it was to cold to get all the way wet and to windy to get out of the water.

Me and my beautiful Baby

She loved playing in the sand with her beach toys
Blowing bubbles with Dad
Trying to stay warm, she wouldn't stop hugging my legs, poor baby was so cold

Fun in the sun:) Even though it was cold it was worth it. We had a good day together as a family which is the BEST.