Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bandannas Galore

I was at the store the other day about to buy Keilei a 4th of July outfit. They where so cute and only $10 but then I thought of an idea some friends had told me about. I headed to the bandanna's to see if they had any patriot ones. They did so I made this outfit for $2 instead.
It was so easy, it literally took like 10 mins, that I made some more to keep at my Mom's house. Keilei always seems to get wet and dirty there. And I don't mind if $2 worth of bandanna's gets ruined :)

I thought the shirt turned out cute too, the only thing I don't like is how much you can see her diaper.


The Coons Family said...

Those are unbelievable and so cheap! You are so good at crafts. I wish I had your talent. You'll have to show me some ideas when you are here.

Missy said...

That was such a creative idea! They are super cute. I really like the green shirt too although I understand the diaper dilema.

Makele said...

What a good idea, you are so creative! Keilei is getting so big, and she has so much hair, I can't believe it. She is Gorgeous. We Miss you!