Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Crafts

I wanted some cute burp rags for the boy and I had a bunch of scrap material and lots of ribbon. I also found these cute colored "diaper" burp rags at JoAnn's that I didn't know excised. So I went to work making burp rags. Not all of these are for our baby some of them are gifts. So if you get some SURPRISE:)

Yea you guessed it these are for a gift...not for our boy. Although I thought they turned out the cutest of course girl stuff always is.

These are some I made awhile ago for a friend

These are some frames I made to decorate our boys room. I bought the frames for a buck a piece and the rest I had and throw together.
Diddo with this one


Missy said...

You and your craftiness! I love those decorated burp rags, they are so much more personalized than the ones you can buy. I also love that polka dotted fram you made!

The Coons Family said...

I just love all the stuff you come up with! You and I are going to have to have a craft day when you're here FOR SURE!!! That way you can teach me something new every time you come down!! Sound good?

Nichole Lowe said...

You really are to crafty. Everything is adorable. Can't wait to see you guys in a month.