Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th Of July Weekend

Thursday we took Keilei to get her 18 month pictures taken, which I normally wouldn't do but her one year ones stunk, not one of her smiling. Well not even an hour after we where at my mom's and Keilei had slipped on the tramp and the end of a spring pocked her in the head.

I am just glad it happened after pictures! :) I had already had to put it off 2 weeks cause she had a sore on her lip and chin from biffing it.
At first I thought it was just a scratch, even though there was a lot of blood...but head wounds always bled a lot, but ended up being pretty deep. Luckily she had a Doctors appointment in 2 hours anyway, for her rashy/yeasty bum. So that worked out great and the doctor just cleaned and glues the cut shut. He said he could do a stitch but we opted for the glue. But man oh man did she bawl. It took Sean to hold her body and me to hold her head.
Friday- We had lunch with Sean fire crew and I got to meet them all and see his new building. As we where leaving Keilei was looking up at a plane and ran right off the curb of the sidewalk and landed on her head and knees. She landed right on her sore and reopened part of it, go figure! So now it has road rash and bruises around the scab.
Then we went to Provo and met up with Sean Brother Ryan & wife Nichole and some of her relatives and had dinner with them. After we went to Nichole's cousins and chilled and let the kids run around outside until it was Keilei's bedtime. Then we went to Anita's to spend the night, she is a close family friend...she might as well be my aunt. We gave Keilei a bath and we all went to bed.
Saturday- Sean woke up at about 5:30 so he could get ready and go to the 10k (6.2 miles)race that Ryan, Nichole, Sean and a bunch more people where doing. I stayed in bed, chasing Keilei around a crowded race for 3 hours did not sound fun to me. Keilei ended up also waking up at 5:30 so we had a long morning.
Sean did great in the race he ran it in 49:40 mins. He was 35th out of 102 in his class.

This is us falling to sleep right before Sean got back around 8:30am (I had Sean take a pic case Keilei never falls asleep with me like this)
We got ready and then went down to watch the parade in Provo with everyone. It was the longest biggest parade Sean or I have ever seen, or ever will see. It was like 2 hours long! I am going to stick with Logan size parades. Luckily it was over cast and pretty pleasant weather. After rushing to a bathroom, for me of course, we headed home. With a quick stop at Target and to get a bite to eat.

Look at all the people and there was like 3 rows of people behind us. It was crazy.

Keilei with Nichole & Sean

Me and cute Kate

Tyler with Keilei, he was so good with her

One of the like 10 fire trucks and the next one when Sean saw it he said "Only in Utah!" It was a float of missionaries :)
Keilei, Jana, Kate
Sean & I- I like this pic cause I don't look totally Prego like in all the others.
We got back to Logan put Keilei down for a nap and I went to the Cruise In giveaway of the car. I go every single year and love it, one day I am going to win the car too. It is my favorite event that Logan does. Then I met up with Sean and Keilei to watch the parade of all the old cars. I don't have any pictures cause we forgot the camera. But they block off all of main street and they just cruise up and down.
Then it was off to my Mom's for a BBQ. Keilei tripped and skinned her knee really bad and because she was tired wouldn't stop crying for 30 mins. We took her home and gave her a bath and then she was going to bed. But after the bath she was all happy again so we went back to Mom's to watch them light fireworks.
Keilei's knees always look like this lately
They had the really good kind and ones that shot up in the air and exploded like the pro ones. The neighbors had awesome ones too, like ours, so we had double the pleasure. Bry went out of state to by them last month, he is always the one to do fireworks! It was really fun. Keilei did great she would even clap after the ones she liked. Sean really liked it too he was more excited then Keilei.
Mike, Jeff, Mom, Bry, Todd, Keilei, Lily, Dani, & Dad watching a firework explode in the sky

All of us watching Bry & Mike set off fireworks

Keilei & Me, Some fireworks

Keilei playing with glow sticks, Keilei watching with Daddy
Sean helping Keilei with the giant sparkler
It was a good weekend. Even though I was constantly hot, hazard of being prego and a Draper (my mom's maiden name)