Friday, July 24, 2009

24th of July

Sean had to work at the shop until 2 so my mom watched Keilei while Kayla & I went to the movie. We saw The Proposal it was really cute. The only problem I had with it is I think Sandra Bullock (as much as I love her) is too old for Ryan Reynolds. I don't know the age gap I think it is just cause I think of him as younger.

While at the movie they had a emergency light go on that pointed on the screen. They didn't fix it till the show was over so we complained and got 2 free movie tickets. That is the second time in a week. Sean & I went to see Harry Potter and the film was all jacked up and it did it 3 times and of course right in the action parts. So we got 2 free movie passes that time too. I don't know if you would call it bad luck or good luck cause now we get to go see 2 more movies for free.

After the movie Sean & I went to Willow park where they where having festivities. It was hard to get Keilei away from the slide & Sean away from the cotton candy and snow cones:) We had a good time. I visited with my good friend Carolyn that had a both selling bandanna dresses that are adorable. Then it onto the zoo, which is part of the park, it is very tiny.
I asked Keilei if she wanted to see the animals and she put her arm up to her nose and made a sound like an elephant. It was so cute but I felt bad cause there aren't any elephants, there aren't any big animals. She had fun anyway and it was mostly in the shade which made me happy.
She Loved the ducks, geese, & swans which is good because that is basically all they have.
Family Fun at the Zoo

Sean liked the pelican as much as Keilei did
Female Peacock with 4 babies. Keilei always wanted to push the stroller. But she has the attention span of a fly so she would push for a second then be off doing something else.

Keilei pointing to the deer. These next pictures are where Keilei spent the most time. We couldn't pull her away from the wood fence and the rocks.

I love the one on the rock it is like she is posing, but just chilling on the rock.

I loved this one too I thought the color was great and she looks so cute
This picture is how it was most the time Keilei in her own little world and me prego women trying to keep up with them:)
After the zoo we went back to my mom's house and my family had a BBQ. It was yummy. We had to change Keilei's cloths twice though cause she kept finding water to get in to.

Uncle Bry playing with Keilei. He would push up from the bottom and Keilei loved it. She disappeared a couple times and we always found her playing somewhere with Bry. He is so good with her, she loves him. His name was the first one out of my family that she said.

These pictures are from a couple days ago. We all went to dinner together, a bunch of friends from high school, it was a really good time. Some of them I see on a regular basis but one I hadn't seen for 10yrs.
Tiffany, Jeanette, Karen, Desi, Missy, & Me