Thursday, July 30, 2009

Family Prayer

We started doing family prayer with Keilei the other day. Tonight was only the second time we have done it. I asked Keilei as I was getting ready to give her her bottle if she wanted to say prayer. She said yes and got all excited and ran to the living room and knelt down by the edge of the couch and folded her arms...ALL by herself. She also bows her head but peaks up at you with her eyes it is the cutest thing. She stayed there the whole time I prayed, though it was a short one for her sake. I wish Sean was there to see it.
Then we got up and headed for her room and she noticed the TV was still on, just the blue screen since we have no channels, and she walked over and turned it off. Then she came back to me and took my hand and continued to walk to her bedroom to go to bed.
It never ceases to amaze me what they learn and how fast. She is getting so big.

Baby Bassinet Hunt

We only need one for 1-3 months.

Bassinets Cost:
Store $85
Classifieds $30 - $85
Garage Sales $35

The right garage Sale $7
+ Soap & Water
+ Fabric
+ Ribbon
+ Time(my time)
= $15 We Have A Winner
What it did look like,
after I scrubbed it down & without the brown around the edge
First attempt
Sean didn't want so much green, cause that is Keilei's color
Second attempt
Sean hasn't seen it yet but I am done fixing it so this is how it is going to be.

Not too shabby for $15 Right?
Is it still hideously ugly?
What do you think?

This Weekend

Raspberry days is this weekend. Sean & I are planning on going on Friday. It should be fun. I t is at Bear Lake and they have all kinds of craft booths and food. We went last year but didn't have any money to spend. This year I still have some, well it's kinda Christmas money, it's actually tax return money Sean said I could spend on what I want so I have been saving it. So if I see something cute I can actually get it. But last year I got some cute ideas and made them. Sometimes it is just nice to buy it already done.
These are the ideas I got last year and made...

Growth chart for the kiddos
Using old windows as decor
(It doesn't look exactly how I want it but you get the gist, the last window is for the new baby)
And the framed magnet board,
although my Dad really made this one I just told what I wanted.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Old Friends

Sara, Krisann, Jana, Desi, Missy, & Allison

I drove down to Ogden with some of my closest friends Desi, Missy, & Sara for a girls night out, and met Allison & KrisAnn there since they live in SLC. We met at Chili's and had dinner and caught up. All 6 of us "Hussies" where there I love it when we are all together. The ONLY thing I miss about High school is being able to hang out with my girls every day. We had/have so much fun together. They always put me in a great mood and I know that I can turn to them when I am in my tightest spot or just need someone to talk to. I am SOO Very Grateful Heavenly Father has blessed me with great friends, and that I have had them since middle school.
Last winter:Desi, Me, Allison, Missy, Sara(missing KrisAnn)

About a year ago:KrisAnn, Desi, Me, Sara Allison & Missy

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So after last night I decided that I don't want anymore boys after this one. It's just that I am SO stinking emotional with this pregnancy. I hate it! I find myself in a bad mood or crying and I don't even know why. I am so not a big fan of that. I also have a hard time getting out of those moods even though I don't know what put me in them in the first place.
The other day I was in a bad mood brooding over things I wish my husband did.(Even though he is amazing) When he came over to me and interrupted my sewing and started snuggling, hugging, and kissing on me. Trying to help me be in a better mood. It made me cry, but in a good way, it was just what I needed. Poor Sean he tries to help but I don't even know what to tell him, how he could help.
I wasn't like this at all with Keilei. I remember being emotional twice with Keilei that's it, through the whole pregnancy. So I'll stick with girls if that's ok with every one.(Not that I have a say in it:)

Friday, July 24, 2009

24th of July

Sean had to work at the shop until 2 so my mom watched Keilei while Kayla & I went to the movie. We saw The Proposal it was really cute. The only problem I had with it is I think Sandra Bullock (as much as I love her) is too old for Ryan Reynolds. I don't know the age gap I think it is just cause I think of him as younger.

While at the movie they had a emergency light go on that pointed on the screen. They didn't fix it till the show was over so we complained and got 2 free movie tickets. That is the second time in a week. Sean & I went to see Harry Potter and the film was all jacked up and it did it 3 times and of course right in the action parts. So we got 2 free movie passes that time too. I don't know if you would call it bad luck or good luck cause now we get to go see 2 more movies for free.

After the movie Sean & I went to Willow park where they where having festivities. It was hard to get Keilei away from the slide & Sean away from the cotton candy and snow cones:) We had a good time. I visited with my good friend Carolyn that had a both selling bandanna dresses that are adorable. Then it onto the zoo, which is part of the park, it is very tiny.
I asked Keilei if she wanted to see the animals and she put her arm up to her nose and made a sound like an elephant. It was so cute but I felt bad cause there aren't any elephants, there aren't any big animals. She had fun anyway and it was mostly in the shade which made me happy.
She Loved the ducks, geese, & swans which is good because that is basically all they have.
Family Fun at the Zoo

Sean liked the pelican as much as Keilei did
Female Peacock with 4 babies. Keilei always wanted to push the stroller. But she has the attention span of a fly so she would push for a second then be off doing something else.

Keilei pointing to the deer. These next pictures are where Keilei spent the most time. We couldn't pull her away from the wood fence and the rocks.

I love the one on the rock it is like she is posing, but just chilling on the rock.

I loved this one too I thought the color was great and she looks so cute
This picture is how it was most the time Keilei in her own little world and me prego women trying to keep up with them:)
After the zoo we went back to my mom's house and my family had a BBQ. It was yummy. We had to change Keilei's cloths twice though cause she kept finding water to get in to.

Uncle Bry playing with Keilei. He would push up from the bottom and Keilei loved it. She disappeared a couple times and we always found her playing somewhere with Bry. He is so good with her, she loves him. His name was the first one out of my family that she said.

These pictures are from a couple days ago. We all went to dinner together, a bunch of friends from high school, it was a really good time. Some of them I see on a regular basis but one I hadn't seen for 10yrs.
Tiffany, Jeanette, Karen, Desi, Missy, & Me

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Keilei pooped in the tub for the first time tonight. Yeah I had my first experience with a floater in her bath water. We quickly evacuated the tub and then gave the tub a bath. I was wondering if she was ever going to do that and surprised that she never had before. I am just grateful we went this long. Hopefully it doesn't become a habit.
The other oops is that someone ran over one of the ducks that have made the stream across the street from my house their home, while it was crossing the street. There are a couple of groups of semi new ducklings I just hope it wasn't one of the parents:( So now we have a dead duck in our garbage until Sunday when the trash comes. Never had that happen before.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Random Fun

Keilei discovered Grandma's raspberry bushes!
She is now a huge fan of raspberries

After having a bite of my donut Keilei disappeared and we found her like this. She had taking the box off the counter and was taking a bite out of each donut, luckily there was only 3 left.

The victims of a sneaky Keilei. I spy Keilei-The picture on the right is why I don't let Keilei play in a ball pit at home. The balls never stay in the pit!Can you see her she is sticking her head out one of the holes.
Monday - Keilei & I relaxed in the hammock while Sean...

Made us a very tasty dinner of grilled corn on the cob and yumee pork chops. Keilei is telling Sean that it is hot.

Keilei always wants what we are drinking. My Hot Grill Master

These two picture I just thought where so cute and summery. It is what she did while waiting for dinner.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Crafts

I wanted some cute burp rags for the boy and I had a bunch of scrap material and lots of ribbon. I also found these cute colored "diaper" burp rags at JoAnn's that I didn't know excised. So I went to work making burp rags. Not all of these are for our baby some of them are gifts. So if you get some SURPRISE:)

Yea you guessed it these are for a gift...not for our boy. Although I thought they turned out the cutest of course girl stuff always is.

These are some I made awhile ago for a friend

These are some frames I made to decorate our boys room. I bought the frames for a buck a piece and the rest I had and throw together.
Diddo with this one

Poor, Accident Prone, Baby

First off I feel horrible because this one was my fault. I was in the bathroom getting ready and Keilei was watching a movie. I was using the curling iron, which I hardly ever use any more, and I had set it down on the counter. I had my back turned to it when I heard Keilei scream behind me. I knew instantly what had happened. Keilei had grabbed the curling iron.
She screamed and bawled and screamed some more. She WOULD NOT let me put it in cold water, put ice on it or anything. And to make it worse she kept grabbing it with her other hand and she would hit it with her other hand, like clapping, and then would bawl. But she wouldn't let me hold her hand so she wouldn't do it.
I called Sean and he ran to the store to get burn spray to spray on it and gave her some Tylenol. Poor Sean, I had a baby screaming in my ear that wouldn't let me help her and I felt so horrible that I had let that happen that while he was trying to help I was so short with him. I am so sorry! There you where being amazing and helpful and I treated you like crap Sorry Babe! After about an hour, or it seemed that long, she stopped bawling. Then we went to Grandma's to get her mind off it, she stayed very occupied and it worked really well.

Her burn this morning, about 24 hours later.

That night her scab came off her head and the cut is still really deep it never closed up all the way, I wonder how that is going to look later?

If you enlarge this pic you can see the burn on her hand. But I took it cause she looks so cute in pigtails but I knew they wouldn't last long...they lasted an hour.

Bear Lake

We went to the lake for the day and found out when we got there we picked a bad day. It was cold, which we weren't expecting. After Keilei got wet she shivered the whole time and Sean and I never even got all the way wet. It was perfect lay out weather though, if I was 18 again, not hot and really breezy. One of those days you could spend all day outside and not roast but also forget to put on sunscreen. Which is what I did and got a little burned.
We ended up not staying very long. Instead we went and got something to eat and took Keilei to play at the park. She had a blast there. She went down the big twisty slide by herself and then did it again & again & again.

Playing in the sand with Daddy
She stayed in the shallow water cause it was to cold to get all the way wet and to windy to get out of the water.

Me and my beautiful Baby

She loved playing in the sand with her beach toys
Blowing bubbles with Dad
Trying to stay warm, she wouldn't stop hugging my legs, poor baby was so cold

Fun in the sun:) Even though it was cold it was worth it. We had a good day together as a family which is the BEST.