Monday, June 1, 2009

Keilei's Day of Fun

Just a regular storage box right...

But if you peak inside,
You might find something special

But like a clam it will close every time you try to open it

Then she discovered my camera case
she stayed in the box and played for over an hour
This one is just cause I think she is cute, I love her hair!
Fun at Grandma's
She walked right in all by herself and stayed in the freezing water forever. She came out soaked and we had to put her clothes in the dryer.
Feeding the Ducks

This canal is across the street from our house. There are at least 3 families of duck that have made it their home. They have ducklings that are SO cute. We took Keilei to feed them and she ate as much bread as she feed them. But she loves to watch them. Then she made friends with a neighbors dog. She will go up to any dog no matter the size.