Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I can't imagine being married to a better man. He is an amazing father!
He helps to put Keilei down every night that he is home and loves it.
He teaches Keilei to fly

He reads her a bedtime story
Teaches her to walk

Is always there to help her
By example teaches her to stand up for things that are important

and to help others when you can

He puts up with my huge crowd of a family cause he knows Keilei and I both love being around them, not that he doesn't he just doesn't like crowds
Teaches her to give kisses...and is still trying to teach her how to say I Love You!

He plans great vacations, fun little trips, and things for us to do

and loves sharing his passions

He lets Keilei rub her cookies all over him, because she finds it entertaining:)

He will chase her around and help her in the jungle gym, when mom is to nauseous to play

He will even give her a bath, which is pretty much the only thing he hates doing. He will do it anyway when I don't feel well.

He takes Keilei to the park and to feed the ducks

And makes sure she doesn't climb into the river...which she would do!
And as much of a strain as it is on him, he will sit and watch a show with her:)
Not to leave out he came with me to almost all of Keilei's baby doctor appointments
He also changed all the her diapers but 1 for the whole first week,
He took a month off from work when Keilei was born to help me and to spend time with Keilei,

He came with me to the ultra sound appointment for baby #2 because he really wanted to be there.

Not really last and definitely not least but Sean also loves me!!! and I think that is a VERY important thing not only to me but to make sure that our kids know that we truly LOVE and respect each other not just now but for always! That is a vital part of being an amazing father, which Sean is!


The Coons Family said...

I absolutely love your tribute to Sean! It is so touching and special to see how they interact with their kids when they're a great dad!