Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Pops

I think my Dad is the most amazing person! There is no question that he is a great Dad. First off he has 13 kids!!! and he loves us all. I have always looked up to my Dad. His I'm disappointed speech would make more of an impact on me than any punishment I was given. I loved that he had fathers interviews with us. I always loved that time even if I had nothing to say. I always felt that I could ask Dad anything. I was/am always interested in his option especially when it came to thing like school, jobs, art and church. I remember that when I was a kid I thought he was a doctor and told people he was because he was so smart and could fix anything and took care of us when we were sick. I loved showing things that I had done to him like art I had drawn or papers I had done he never just said "that's good" or "good job" he took the time to actual cratic (s/p?)it and point out specifics and make me feel like I had done something amazing. He also made me feel like I could always be better then I was and that God would bless me for trying. I have always loved learning from him. I have always had an interest in the things he had/has to teach me whether it be about him growing up, history, military stuff, nature, or anything really. I love when he reads the Book of Mormon to us. Something about his voice and the way he reads it I just love fact I have Sean read to me instead of me reading because I loved it when my Dad did it, but it of course is not the same. I am so grateful to be blessed with such a great Dad.
This is one of my all time favorite pictures
We where in Yellowstone area on vacation and he was teaching me about a rock we had found
I love this picture because it is my everyday parents this is what I see when I picture then in my mind

My Pops with my Mom and me fall '08

I have always known my parents love each other. I honestly can't remember a single time that I have heard them fight.

I am so glad that Keilei gets to know her grandpa, the man I have always looked up to, even if she isn't all that interested yet unless he has a toy or a marshmallow to give her:)


marry said...

thanks for your post... after i posted my comment i thought maybe people think we are lovey dovey? but i was just as surprised with the pictures as you were... we kind of felt like we were dating again when we took those pictures... we don't get many like that on a regular basis

Mommy Fats said...

Thanks for that Jana. You expressed so many of the same feelings I have for Dad. I remember taking that picture--it's one of my favorites as well. It was before digital and I was so excited that it turned out when I got them developed. (I miss the surprise of "real" pictures, lol). I didn't know he was teaching you about a rock, but that is sooo Dad.

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

congradulations on your pregnancy!!!! i am so excited for you guys! and a boy you get the best of both worlds with your first two~!! how exciting! I hope you are having fun in utah!