Friday, June 19, 2009

Girls Camp

First off I want to say why the heck was it planned in June?
Don't people realize it rains in the mountains in June!

First day(Tues): Good! Except I only got 3 hrs of sleep! To no ones fault, I just couldn't sleep.
Second day(wens): Good! Have one leaky tent and some girl drama. Sean was with us all day as Priesthood leader. I decided to go home after dinner and sleep in my bed, so I wouldn't get a headache. Rained all that night.
Third day(Thurs): Rain...hail...Rain some more! Have three leaking tents, a broken tent zipper, camping in a ankle deep mud swamp, a sick leader w/an infant, and two others who want to go home to see their babies(I'm one of those). We, with the hoorays of the girls pack up, have dutch oven dinner YUM! stay for the stake "walk of light" and then head for home.
Forth day(Fri): Wake up in my nice warm bed next to my amazing husband:)

Our first day was good, here is me with all the girls
top left to right:Hailey, Jesse, Sabrina, Alli, Holly
middle: Christina, Marnae, Annie, Leslie, Elena, Mariah
front: Caitlin, Kat, Sara, Me, Kylie
After the first day this is what it looked like

On Wednesday it was Sabrina's birthday
The next pictures are of our wards skit
All of us around the camp fire (after we had let the chairs dry)

tinfoil dinners, Sean and another priesthood leader and girls getting some cake
The stake pavilion under which we spent most of our time
It was a really pretty area

Dutch oven dinner...SO GOOD!
You can barely see her but Megan(one of the camp leader, who happens to look 16) sat down to eat dinner and said "Somebody sit by me" There are 5 girls rushing to be at her side! It was hilarious, not that I blame them she is an amazing chica.

Megan(the leader:) and Sara trying to stay warm aren't they cute

Do you see the mud pit we are in...all the trails and the campsites where like that too
Annie arranging stuff in the trailer and Marnae helping pack so we could go home. Don't let the sun in the background deceive you. We had just talked about how we had just finished packing and then the sun shows up, go figure!
Holly, Annie, & Marnae- isn't that sweet
FYI- I did have a good time and I am glad I got to go and spend that time with the girls. We just all wished the rain had let up.


Kim said...

Oh I am so glad you got pictures of the mud. I finally have my garage back and am still catching up on sleep. Glad it's done for another year!

The Coons Family said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to girl's camp! It is so fun as a leader!!

Nichole Lowe said...

Well ours was a completely different experience. No rain just lots of dust. Nice how you got to go home. I roughed it the whole week. It was so awesome though and I wouldn't change a thing. I love girls camp. Plus it was great having Ryan with me the whole week. I hope we get called as 4th year leaders again next year.