Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Building a House

Well in case I haven't written we are trying to build a house. It isn't completely final yet cause we will be building on the 1/4 acre in my parents back yard (on the island) and there is a lot of red tape to go through. But it is looking like it will happen. We want to start building in July and finish by December but we will see.
We are meeting with our contractor today to figure out what things we can and can't afford. It is weird referring to one of my good friends as "Our Contractor" it just sounds funny. He is Jordan, the guy that dated my best friend forever(then married her), the only guy I know that my Mom didn't mind if he just came walking into my house at any time without knocking. The guy I would go to (besides my brothers) if I wanted someone beaten up for me :) So if I refer to Jordan just know he is our contractor.
This is a model of the house we are building

The outside of ours won't be so fancy. We decided since it is in the middle of the block we don't have to worry about curb appeal and to cut on costs we are going to do all siding and no vainer.
We haven't decided yet whether we want the garage entrance to be on the side or in the front yet.
We are set on having a full basement, even though it will be unfinished, cause it will help resale. And if we stay in it a long time we can finish it as we need it. But it also means that we will have to have not as nice of stuff on the main floor cause Holy Cow cement is expensive!