Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Such a Trooper

Today I took Keilei to the Doctor again, as instructed. He took off the bandage and Keilei bent her finger and started bawling poor thing. We had to hold her finger so she couldn't bend it or move it at all. The Dr. examined her finger, Keilei bawled the whole time, and said he needed to cut off the top layer which had blistered.
While we waited for the Doc Keilei kept saying "Bye...Bye" she wasn't talking to anyone, she was saying that she wanted to go bye-bye. It was so sad and so cute. He came in and she started crying again as he started cleaning her burn. But then the genius nurse got her a sucker and she went to town on it and didn't make a peep after that and sat perfectly still while the doc did the cutting. She was amazing! She even blow the Doc good-bye kisses as we where about to leave. He was amazed by that. He said it was great that she could go through something like that and still blow kisses.
The Doc however did say that it was a 3rd degree burn and we needed to go to a plastic surgeon tomorrow and see what he says and see if Keilei needs skin grafts. So I am anxious to see what he says. I will have to write tomorrow and tell what he says.
We also want to know what he has to say cause we are supposed to be going to Colorado on Friday for a week. It is the first vacation we have had (not including trips to UT & Az to visit family) in 3 years. And it can't be rescheduled so we will see how involved this burn is going to be. Of course I really want to go but would totally understand if our daughter needs the TLC of Doctors in the coming week.


Diana Ribera said...

How dang sad! It always seems to hurt parents too when kids get hurt. I'm glad she's being so good about it.