Monday, May 18, 2009


I was at Old Navy trying on clothes when I got a call from my sister, "You might want to come home Keilei was electricuted and she has a pretty bad burn on her finger."

Apparently the room Keilei usually watches movies in my Mom is repainting. She had moved some furniture and had not noticed that it had uncovered an outlet that didn't have a cover on it. Yeah you guessed it Keilei stuck her finger into it.

I said I was on my way. I called Sean and asked if he could leave work and go check on her, he was closer then I was. He said ok. I rushed home and found her sitting with my Mom and Sean watching a movie, lucky for me she was done crying. My Mom was holding her hurt hand so she wouldn't move it. I should have taken a picture but the whole tip of her right index finger is burned and a little on the back. It is this solid white mass, it is the worst burn I have ever seen, but it is hard to describe.

The doctor took a look said it was a really bad burn and that if it was on more of her hand she would be hospitalized. He gave us an oral antibiotic, since the sore it on her hand and hard to keep clean, and wrapped it up. We have to go in tomorrow so they can check how it is blistering and decide if they need to cut of the burned part (which we would have to go to a plastic surgeon for).

She doesn't even act like it hurts anymore and is playing like she normally does. Which is great at least she isn't in a bunch of pain. I'm just dreading having to hold her if they have to cut at her, hopefully they don't have to! I am very grateful and thank Heaven it isn't worse then it is. But I still feel so bad for my poor little baby.

I cut a whole in the bandage for her thumb. I went to get her a bottle and when I came back she was laying on the floor sucking her thumb, from her bandaged hand, it was so cute.


Nichole Lowe said...

Poor thing! Hopefully they won't have to do anything. It really stinks to see your little baby in pain. I hate it. Keep us updated.

Missy said...

Ouch!! I hope she doesn't have to get any plastic surgery. I'm glad she is doing well despite her injury.