Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plastic Surgeon

We went in first thing today and saw the surgeon. He was very nice and was very optimistic that she would heal fine on her own. He said the palm of the hand heals well and since she is so young that helps heal too. We have to wash her wound with soap and water twice a day but she only needs a big band aid, and ointment, on it instead of a big wrap and glove. We do have to make sure she continues to move her finger in her baths every night, I guess that is very therapeutic. We will check in with the Doc to make sure the scaring doesn't limit the movement of her finger and check for infection. He did say the burn went really far down. But all in all it was good news and put my mind at ease. He also said there is no reason we can't go to Colorado, which is also good news.
So now I get to start stressing about packing the 3 of us.... yippee! :(
These aren't the best pics but that is her finger with the top layer cut off
You can't see them but there are 3 blisters on the back of her finger


The Coons Family said...

Poor Thing! I hope she's doing better and you guys are having a blast in Colorado!! Love ya-Erica