Saturday, May 30, 2009

Colorado Family Vacation

Sean Keilei & I left Fri the 22 to go to Breckenridge, CO. We stopped in Vernal to say hi to Sean Uncle & Aunt Ron & Anita. We ate lunch at their house and let Keilei run around a little then on to Breckenridge. We didn't get there till around 9ish and hurried to unpack the car and get Keilei to bed she hadn't slept all day.

We stayed in a 3br 3 bth condo for the week, we originally intended to have a couple friends stay with us but no one could make it. My little sister was also originally suppose to come too, to nanny some of the time, but couldn't last minute cause of school stuff. So it was just us but it was nice to have space to put Keilei in her own room.
It is VERY beautiful in that area. We had fun although it rained a couple days so we felt a little couped up especially with Keilei running all over. But on the nice days we where able to sight see, shop downtown, go bike riding(Sean as often as he could, we went with him once), swimming, enjoyed the scenery, went shopping, ate out, oh and on the rainy days watched TV (we don't have TV at home just movies).
With me being prego, my head thing, the altitude(which has never bothered me before but it seemed to this time), and I was just getting over a cold I was sick way more then I wanted to be. Sean was great with watching Keilei and letting me rest but he doesn't like to sit still for long and got a little antsy. When it started raining we even debated going home a couple days early but the next day was beautiful and it stayed nice the rest of the time so we stayed.
We had a good time but would have loved to have our friends there and also to have some alone time with out Keilei. As much as we love her that girl does not sit still, unless she is watching a movie and of course it's not for the whole time. We where pleasantly surprised about how well she did when we went out to eat, most of the time anyway:) And she was pretty much an angel on the car ride there and back, Thanks to a portable DVD player. I don't know what people did before those things, I never would have traveled. Even though her car seat must not be comfy cause she would not take a nap in the car at all.
The trip was a little disappointing cause when we planned this vaca I wasn't prego and so we planned to go white water rafting, on a zip line, horseback riding and maybe on the alpine slide but all those went out the window when i got prego. I don't suggest going to an outdoorsy get away when your pregnant it's kinda like holding candy in front of a baby. We also wanted our friends to be there and we went a little early in the season, hence the rain. But we still had a really good time making do with what we had. So all in all we had a good time. I would definetly go back someday when not prego.

On the way there, on the way home. Both only lasted 15-30 mins and then she wouldn't go back to sleep again.
Keilei literally climbed right down to the water and was starting to step into it. Sean had to sit there and hold her cause she kept trying.
Breckenridge's version of a playground.
Keilei putting my ice pack on her head, just like mommy

Our family bike ride.
Keilei in the wagon.
Keilei eating nuggets and fries and watching a "show" as she calls them, after going swimming.

I turned around for one second and heard SPLASH! The bath tub was really low and Keilei had leaned over to touch the water and face planted into the tub. It was funny Sean and I both laughed.
The next picks are at Sallie Barber mine that Sean found on one of his bike rides.
under that grate the shaft goes down 300+ feet
I dropped a rock in it and didn't hear it hit the bottom.
The view from the mine, it was amazing
The last day we went to a Old Navy outlet and their clearance was 50% off !!!
I got Keilei all this stuff for 50 bucks!!!!
I was very proud of my steal of a deal.
(there are at least 15 shirts there + all the other stuff)

On the way home we looked back to check on Keilei and she had her hands behind her head watching her show it was the cutest thing
The gorgeous drive. You can't really see it but there is a bike trail that follows the river right next to but lower then the highway. But it went forever like from town to town it was awesome.

On the way home just out of Vernal we heard a huge BOOM! Sean thought that one of the air bags had gone off, I thought that maybe one of the bikes had fallen off the car. When we looked around we found that Sean's bike tire had exploded. We pulled over and Sean cleaned up all the white goo that came out of it and I calmed Keilei down, it had scared her and she was bawling.