Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bees and Clothes

Today Keilei was in the other room watching a movie and she kept saying ouch over and over. At first I thought it was because someone in the show got hurt but she kept saying it. So I went to see if she was hurt. When I walked in she was pointing to something still saying ouch. I looked and saw that she was pointing to a bee that was in our house buzzing around the screen door. I thought it was so cute I wish I would have got it on video. She definitely knows what it was that stung her a couple weeks ago.

I went though all of Keilei's clothes yesterday and today putting away ones that don't fit her any more and getting out summer clothes. It was sad to me though. She got so chubby so fast when she was a baby and then thinned out when she started crawling and walking so she stayed in the same clothes a long time. She has literally been wearing the same things for a year now, except I had to add more winter cloths to her collection since moving to Logan. But it is sad to me to actually have to put away the clothes she has wore since she was a "little" baby.

But I am excited for this summer and that she is active and mobile enough to actually be able to enjoy the park and the lake, etc. Even if it does mean I have to chase after her:)

Cute Keilei
She loves the sandal she is carrying, they have a flower on them and she calls the flower pretties and will smell it and carry her sandals around with her

Watching TV


Merrill and Mary said...

What a stinking cute kid! I love the outfit... should totally use that in someo pictures! Hope you guys are good... so nice to stay in touch via blogging!