Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Words

We took Keilei to the park today and Sean was pushing her in the swing. He said Wee every time he pushed her and a minute later she started saying Wee too it was so cute. Then today we were leaving my Mom's house and she said Kayla ...well it was more ayla but close enough. Then on the drive to our house tonight she was playing Peek-a-boo, which she has done for a long time, but tonight she started saying it...which sounds like Bah-boo. But it was so adorable! I love that she is starting to say more things now. I was afraid she would be slow at that sense we use sign language so much. But she is doing good, and sign language is a life saver!

She is also doing animal sounds more now
woof, meow, baa
she also hits her fits on her chest when she sees a gorilla
She says Thank You all the time too, she has done that for a long time though.

P.S. today at my Moms we were all watching tv and we heard the back door open and then we didn't hear anything else. We got up to check who it was and Keilei had opened the door and walked outside! If it hadn't of been so quiet we wouldn't have even known she had left! Scary huh!?


Missy said...

They pick up on so much at this age, it's really fun to hear all the words they are learning. It's not as fun when they learn to open doors! I know that day is coming, thank goodness for childproof devices:)