Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

My family usually watches Easter Dream on Easter day. But on the Monday after my Mom always goes to the store and buys all the 1/2 off candy then makes baskets and fills eggs. We drive up the canyon and have an egg hunt and a dinner at Guenava campground.
I have always loved it and think I will carry on the tradition. I think it is a good thing to separate the REAL reason for Easter and the commercial part. Even though I am sure my Mom started it cause of the cheap candy since she had SO many kids. But it makes a nice Family Home Evening.

There where a ton of eggs and only about a dozen kids so they each got a ton.

This year was a little abnormal my niece, little sister, & youngest brother all brought their girlfriend/boyfriends. That has never happened at an family thing before, at least not with the 3 of them, and then to have three at once was crazy. I can't believe that they are all that old now.
Kayla's boy shaves his arms & legs...I couldn't help give him crap for that. I am so anti guys being less hairy then I am:) Besides the point it is high maintenance and guys shouldn't be, to be fair girls shouldn't be either:)
These are a couple of dead dear right on the edge of the field we hid eggs in. Nice huh


Missy said...

What a great idea to wait until Monday to do the Easter egg hunts. I love the picture of Kelei with the chocolate on her mouth. I don't think toddlers can eat candy without getting some on their face, I've never seen it:)