Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Much

My life has been pretty dull the last little while so I don't have much to write about. Even though I have tried a couple different medications nothing seems to be helping. So my day pretty much consists of laying down as much as possible. I asked Sean & my Dad if God wants us to have children and bring more sweet spirits to this earth way does He make pregnancy so difficult?Really why do you get so sick that you never want to get pregnant again? I would have a bunch of kids but I can bearly take care of Keilei while I am this sick I couldn't imagine taking care of two kids and being this sick. I already feel so bad that I can't play around more with Keilei and take her outside to play in the nice weather. Both of them pretty much laughed and said they don't know. Not that I am second guessing Heavenly Father I know every thing we go through is for OUR good it's just hard to see why sometimes. Luckily I have an AMAZING husband who is so sweet and caring, I couldn't do it without him. And my Mom and sisters who help me with Keilei when Sean is away. They are a lifesaver!
But enough of me complaining there are people that have so much worse off then me I need to be more grateful. I just get a little down sometimes is all.