Friday, March 13, 2009

Keilei's 15 Month Check Up

March 10th was Keilei's check up.
Length 80.01 cm 82%
Weight 21 lbs 22%
Head 48.4 cm 97%

He said she was tall and skinny with lots of hair. He also wasn't surprised or worried that she will not sit still long enough to eat. He let Keilei put the little germ guard on the light that goes in her ear she did it just fine and he said she is a little advanced that usually kids are 18 months before they do that. He also said she had teeth coming in (no surprise her gums have been swollen for weeks)
She did get 3 shots:( MMR, chicken pox and one other one. She was fine all day but she woke up at midnight and she was burning up! Her temp was 103. So I gave her medicine changed her into cooler dry cloths and but her back down. She woke up again at 1, 2, & 6 then went back to sleep till 9ish.
It was a long night! She had a 102 fever for 2 days, even with Tylenol. Man I hate having her get shots. She is feeling better now which is good cause I feel like a POO.