Sunday, March 8, 2009

How to: Magnet boards

I have had a couple people ask how to make these magnet boards so I thought I would post a How To.
All it takes is...Cut, Glue & Hang!
By the way the way I do it you have enough to make two!

1. Go to Home Depot and ask where their sheets of metal are. I buy the sheet that is 36in by 24in. it is $7 and some change. (The cheapest one that size at Lowe's is $18)

2. Cut it in half so you have two 18in by 24in. I have done this with a drumel and with metal cutters. Metal cutters are the easiest but cost around $25 so I just borrow my dads. But they might be willing to cut it for you at the store, I know they do that with wood. If not just ask around for metal cutters(someone in your ward is bound to have some:)
3. Find some cute paper that you like. Cut 6in x 6in. You will need 3 12x12 pieces of paper or 12 6in squares. You can use as many different kinds of paper as you want or just two kinds of paper it just depends on how busy you want it to look.
4. Get a glue stick and glue the pieces to the metal. Don't over lap them, you would have to cut the paper a smige bigger to do that, just line them up well.(I like glue sticks because if you need to take the paper off for some reason it peels right off)

5. I haven't done it to mine but you can put a coat of Mod Podge over it to protect the paper and to make it last. It only cost a couple bucks at a craft store.

6. I take my drummel and drill two holes in it so I can hang it by a ribbon. But if you don't have a tool that will do that you could probably just get picture mounts(saw tooth ring hanger as pictured below) and hot glue (hot glue gun $2 at Walmart) a couple to the back. It isn't very heavy so that might work.
7.Oh the magnets are just big buttons, flowers, or they can be whatever you want! You can buy a packs of magnets at Micheal's and you just hot glue them to the back of what you want.
wha-la you have a super cute magnet board that cost under $10!!! Well technically you can have TWO for that price which is even better!


The Hoxsies said...

thank you so much!! I am so excited to get started. I will post a picture of it when it is all done! Hey we need to do lunch sometime soon with everyone, i miss you guys!!