Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Pops

My Dad's birthday was today. He is 70!!! Wow talk about over the hill:)
On Saturday my brother Mike, Sean, & I went with Dad to the shooting range. It was really fun we had a good time. Around dinner time people started showing up and we all ate steaks at my Parents house. Nate & family, and Scott & family and Jeff all came up from SLC. It was a very good dinner! Unfortunately I ended up puking all mine back up about an hour later. I called it a early night we came home and I went to bed.

Today my arm was sore this morning from shooting Mike's 9mm. I'm glad I didn't shot the 45 or I would have been even more sore. We all went to my parents again for dinner and to have cake and ice cream. The cake was ablaze wish I would have gotten a picture. Dad blew them all out but three, which is better then my 18 sister did! After the candles where out Keilei stood by the cake and did the sign for "More" over and over. So my brother Sam lit one again and when he stopped she kept "saying more". So finally he started lighting a couple more and she kept shaking her head yes, for him to keep lighting them. It was way cute and we had to keep her away from the cake all night. Dad's B-day present was a new gun!