Monday, March 16, 2009


Sean & I watched this movie the night before last. I really liked it. It isn't made by LDS people but is made by some Christian group. It made me feel good to know that there are others out there that believe that Marriage is important and not just something that comes and goes. That is takes a lot of work. It reminds me of something a bishop on my mission said in a talk. That now days people live their lives by convenience rather then covenants. When you get married whether LDS or not you promise to take of each other through good AND bad. Hopefully we are blessed with more good then bad but you can't appreciate the one without the other! Besides if life was all bliss we wouldn't learn and grow and it is a lot easier to fall into the pride cycle.
It was also fun to watch because it was about a firefighter:)


Shawna said...

I just barely watched this because a friend from work recommended it as she is actually doing the Love Dare. I thought it had a great message even if the acting was a little cheesy in some parts! I hope your feeling better!