Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Car Trouble

Sean got in a wreck on the highway in the snow. (2nd one in 3 months)He doesn't have a scratch on him but his car is totalled. Sean starts dreaming about his favorite car Subaru WRX. (which happens to keep it's value Very well, which means it is way too expense and not very practical)He really likes the blue ones with gold rims.

Feb. 19th
Car shopping has not been very fun. We went down to SLC for a whole day to car shop. We looked at every Subaru 2006 Tribeca we could find, we finally found the perfect one. Silver, 7 passenger, dark leather interior, DVD & Navigation, all wheel drive. Sweet!
BUT it was way more then I had ever paid for a car and the payments were going to be double our old one. If we had looked at them in Dec. when his 1st crash was we could have got one for 2,000+ less, they went up that more in a couple months. Which is crazy to me but I've never shopped through a dealer before. We really wanted it but decided to sit on it for a day.
We decided to wait on the Tribeca. We figured cheaper was better. I would rather be safe then sorry. I didn't want to get in over our heads. So maybe in a couple years when we actually NEED a bigger car, sigh:(

Saturday Feb. 21st
So Sean has been on the computer the last few days nonstop. We had to go to Layton to take our rental car back the other day. Sean talked to a guy who had an Outback for sale for really cheap in Provo. The guy said no one had seen it yet and it wouldn't be a waste of a trip if we came down, that he would hold it for us. So we continued on to Provo when we got to the address(a bunch of apartments) we called him cause we had no apt. #. No answer we must have tried 30 time in the 2 hours we waited. We finally got another number from the building manger and called him. He said that he had sold it and he had tries to call us, liar! Sean was MAD and recited their conversation back to him."I said I would be here in an hour 1/2" "you said you would hold it" "I said we would buy it"That is about the time the guy just hung up on Sean. We where peeved, Sean was fuming all day!

Today Feb. 24th
Sean got off work and went to look at a Volvo wagon for sale. He took it to the fire departments mechanics they looked it over said it was in pristine shape for how old it is. It has all wheel drive, leather seats and I don't know much else I left this one up to Sean. I was surprised that he would want to drive this but hey as long as it doesn't cost a fortune I'm easy to please. So he is currently signing the papers and in a couple hours we will be the owners of a car that looks very similar to this...


Brayden's Mommy said...

I am SO glad that Sean didn't get hurt!
Car shopping can be NO fun! Glad Sean was able to find one he liked at a price you liked :)