Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arizona Trip

You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words!?
I hope so because I going to sum up our week long vacation with a lot of pictures and not so many words..
Drive to AZ(Thank heaven for DVD players for Keilei)

On our way to AZ
Keilei & Kate having fun in the back yard

They loved to play in the sand box. We could just leave them out there for hours...maybe I should invest in one:)

Visit with JC & Erica and their Beautiful baby

Makaela Coons
we went down to AZ to go to her baby blessing and visit friends & Family
JC & Erica with their little angel!
Keilei eyeing the baby(laying on the blanket I made for her, I'll post better pics of it later)
L-Our little dog..she put everything in her mouth. R-She also has wings(the way her hair curls out) just like her dad
L-I love this pic of her R-Keilei & her cousins Kate & Tyler
Playing cards with Family Ryan, Jesse, Jim (Sean's Dad), Sean, Me & Nichole behind the camera.

Tyler Basketball game,
The ZOO(w/Mom Lowe, Nichole, Tyler, Kate, Keilei & I)
Bike ride for Sean & Ryan,
Out to dinner w/out the kids!

Sandbox again, it was a daily ritual
at least she doesn't eat it as much any more

infront of the giraffes, Tylers fav.

L-Keilei checking out the monkeys R- Ain't she cute

L-Kate Tyler & Keilei R-Keilei and I they had a Little People play ground it was so cute

L-Playing with Tyler and Grandma Lowe R-Riding a cow

Sticking a dirty sandy stick in her mouth...then trying to get the sand out!
L-Petting the goats,she wasn't afraid of them at all. R-Grandma Lowe, Kate, Tyler, Me & Keilei

Out to eat at Logan's stake house with Sean's family. The food was amazing. R to L Sean's Mom Tammy, Ryan, Nichole, Me, Sean, Brandon, & Beka
Makaela's Baby Blessing
Super Bowl

The Clan
Sean Keilei & I, Micele Ty & Keira, Erica Jc & Makaela, Jeremy Cathy & Braden, Kevin Melissa Brenna & Brooke

Brenna 17m, Keilei 13m,Makaela 3m, Brooke 17m, Braden 15m, & Kiera 18m
Those are guestimate on age but they are all so close together:) Oh and Brooke and Brenna are twins in case you couldn't tell. Keilei's cousin Kate is also 17 month old!

This is what we went through, about 5-10 times, to get the above pictures

L-Ty, Makele & Kiera R- Me durning the super bowl...I was reading one of the twilight books which is WAY better then any old dumb boring Super Bowl(they are only good for the food and company)

Pizza and chillin with friends

Keilei giving Makaela loves

Kiera, Keilei, Kate
L-Brooke & Brenna R-Kiera & Kate
L-Makele & Keira, R-Tyler Melissa, Kevin, Brooke & Brenna

L-Tyler R-Braden & Cathy
L-The boys Kevin, Ty, JC, & Sean R-Eating Barros pizza

L-Keilei & Brooke R-Keilei and her Daddy(see what I mean about the wings:)
My cute little family
P.S. Thank you So So much Nichole & Ryan for letting us invade your home for the week! You are the BEST! Your house feels like a home away from home Thank You again for everything.


Nichole Lowe said...

You are so welcome. We loved having you guys stay with us and are welcome to anytime. I loved that the girls had fun together. I can't wait until they are older and play more. I am just so,so,so,so sorry that Keilei came down with what Kate has. I hope she is feeling better.

Brayden's Mommy said...

You summed up your trip very well! I love all the pictures!
And I'm so glad that we had that get together!
P.S. Brayden is spelled with a Y.