Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our New Car

Say Hello to our new car,
a Volvo Crosscountry.

It is pretty sweet. It is an 1998 has 113k miles and is in excellent condition. It doesn't have a scratch on the paint or on the leather interior, the leather doesn't have a scuff or a stain. It also has dual climate control, heated seats!, all wheel drive, and a CD changer. We really like it and everyone that has seen it has told us that they have always wanted one, I had no idea they were so popular or well liked. We are even more pleased with the price:) We got it at a great price, which makes me happy it was less then a 4th of the cost the Tribeca or Sean's Subaru WRX would have been.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Car Trouble

Sean got in a wreck on the highway in the snow. (2nd one in 3 months)He doesn't have a scratch on him but his car is totalled. Sean starts dreaming about his favorite car Subaru WRX. (which happens to keep it's value Very well, which means it is way too expense and not very practical)He really likes the blue ones with gold rims.

Feb. 19th
Car shopping has not been very fun. We went down to SLC for a whole day to car shop. We looked at every Subaru 2006 Tribeca we could find, we finally found the perfect one. Silver, 7 passenger, dark leather interior, DVD & Navigation, all wheel drive. Sweet!
BUT it was way more then I had ever paid for a car and the payments were going to be double our old one. If we had looked at them in Dec. when his 1st crash was we could have got one for 2,000+ less, they went up that more in a couple months. Which is crazy to me but I've never shopped through a dealer before. We really wanted it but decided to sit on it for a day.
We decided to wait on the Tribeca. We figured cheaper was better. I would rather be safe then sorry. I didn't want to get in over our heads. So maybe in a couple years when we actually NEED a bigger car, sigh:(

Saturday Feb. 21st
So Sean has been on the computer the last few days nonstop. We had to go to Layton to take our rental car back the other day. Sean talked to a guy who had an Outback for sale for really cheap in Provo. The guy said no one had seen it yet and it wouldn't be a waste of a trip if we came down, that he would hold it for us. So we continued on to Provo when we got to the address(a bunch of apartments) we called him cause we had no apt. #. No answer we must have tried 30 time in the 2 hours we waited. We finally got another number from the building manger and called him. He said that he had sold it and he had tries to call us, liar! Sean was MAD and recited their conversation back to him."I said I would be here in an hour 1/2" "you said you would hold it" "I said we would buy it"That is about the time the guy just hung up on Sean. We where peeved, Sean was fuming all day!

Today Feb. 24th
Sean got off work and went to look at a Volvo wagon for sale. He took it to the fire departments mechanics they looked it over said it was in pristine shape for how old it is. It has all wheel drive, leather seats and I don't know much else I left this one up to Sean. I was surprised that he would want to drive this but hey as long as it doesn't cost a fortune I'm easy to please. So he is currently signing the papers and in a couple hours we will be the owners of a car that looks very similar to this...


I just can't seem to stop taking pictures of my daughter. I can't help it she is so cute!
This is her latest "trick" when I go to get her out of bed in the morning everything from her crib is on the ground.
She is SO skinny! (at least to me, she used to always be in the 95% for her weight)

Eating string cheese, trying to fatten her up.
playing pick-a-boo.
She what I mean ain't she cute

chowing on colored marshmallows
probably going to rot her teeth before it actual adds some pounds:)
Monday I watched my friends son Will. They are sitting with their water and marshmallows watching Little Einstein's!
She always looks so cute in her little Sunday dresses.(which is really a 3T shirt that I use as a dress, half of her dresses are like that...Hey I figure I get double usage out of them!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


On Tuesday Sean stuck around in Bountiful after work till about noon hoping the weather/roads would improve and then decided to come home. He made it to about Clearfield and then the wreck happened. Don't worry he is just fine. The air bags deployed and he didn't get a scratch on him. Unfortunately I don't know if his car is coming back from this one. He rear-ended a flatbed truck, which didn't recieve much damage. But his car is smushed up in the front. It took all day to get things sorted out and he finally got home at 8 o'clock that night. Neadless to say he was beat.

Our odds aren't looking so good this is the 2nd wreck in 3 months from him coming and going to work.

Valentines Baby

Happy Valentines Day-Late!

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Things

I got this craft idea from my Sis in Law Nichole. She made hers at a Super Saturday. I really liked it so I took a picture of hers and went home and made my own. I was surprised how easy it was. I think it turned out pretty good if you ask me and it was fun to make. Now I just have to develop some pictures to put on it.
This is my Christmas present. It was on back order so I didn't get it till Feb. 13 but I love it and it was worth the wait. You can't tell but it is pretty big, like 27 in I thing?

This frame and the shelf I bought with some Christmas money I still had I Love it.

Valentines Day

Sean had to work on Valentines day so we went out on Fri. the 13 instead. We took Keilei to my parents house at 5 so my sister Lori could watch her for us. We went to Firehouse pizza. It has amazing food it is to die for. They also have mango lemonade that is awesome! We stuffed ourselves there and then went to He's Just Not That Into You. It was good but not as good as I though it would be. It was rather slow, I would say a renter/redbox movie. But in the middle of the movie the fire alarm went off and we had to go outside. Ends up it was just some burnt popcorn but gave me time to take a bathroom break.
We had a lot off fun it was a good time.
Sean made this heart of candies for me and gave me the sweetest card. I got him these awesome scripture covers made out of leather.
These are Keilei's outfits for thur-sat ain't she cute!
When we went to pick her up and bring her home she was wired and we played with her for a good hour to try and wear her out. Or I should say Sean did while I watched they were so cute. You like her ponytail hair?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learn From The Best

We spent last week down in AZ and Keilei loved playing with Kate, who is 3 months older then her. Kate is a little monkey she climbs up on the bar stools then onto the counter and up on the table. I was hoping Keilei wouldn't pick up on that but appenently she did. Go figure:)
Feb 8 Sean and I watched her climb up there and then she started dancing to the music on the TV it was so cute.
Feb 9 she was being so quiet I came to check on her and this is what I found. That is my scrapbook desk but it was so cute there was no way I could get mad.

Feb.10 Keilei climbed up on the table and started eating goldfish out of the container. I'm just glad she didn't get in the tools and hurt herself.

Diana Rawlings Ribiera, Sarah Henrie Bytheway, & Braquel Ellis
Feb.6 I had some friends over that I haven't seen since High School. We were all in the same ward(except Diana) and were really tight growing up. Michelle Warby was also in the group but lives back east and just had her 4th baby so she wasn't at the get together, we missed her.
We talked for hours. They came over at 7 and we talked until midnight, it was so much fun. It made me feel like a teenager again. Thank you Sarah for getting us all together!
Keilei playing with Sean's glasses.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick Baby

Sorry I am dropping the ball a little. Keilei got sick Friday with a slight fever and a cough. But she has been a boa constrictor the last couple days, she would be wrapped around me every second if I let her. Her fever is now gone but her cough sounds really nasty and makes it so she can't sleep to well. Which of course means I don't get much done and am dragging also.
I took her to the Doctor on Saturday and he(the on call dr.) said it was just a virus and told me to keep giving her Tylenol for her fever and wait for it to pass. Man I love Doctors that only know as much as you already do.
Unfortunately her cough isn't any better and only getting worse. So if it doesn't improve I'm going to take her in again. But that is my excuse for not writing just so you know.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Arizona Trip

You know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words!?
I hope so because I going to sum up our week long vacation with a lot of pictures and not so many words..
Drive to AZ(Thank heaven for DVD players for Keilei)

On our way to AZ
Keilei & Kate having fun in the back yard

They loved to play in the sand box. We could just leave them out there for hours...maybe I should invest in one:)

Visit with JC & Erica and their Beautiful baby

Makaela Coons
we went down to AZ to go to her baby blessing and visit friends & Family
JC & Erica with their little angel!
Keilei eyeing the baby(laying on the blanket I made for her, I'll post better pics of it later)
L-Our little dog..she put everything in her mouth. R-She also has wings(the way her hair curls out) just like her dad
L-I love this pic of her R-Keilei & her cousins Kate & Tyler
Playing cards with Family Ryan, Jesse, Jim (Sean's Dad), Sean, Me & Nichole behind the camera.

Tyler Basketball game,
The ZOO(w/Mom Lowe, Nichole, Tyler, Kate, Keilei & I)
Bike ride for Sean & Ryan,
Out to dinner w/out the kids!

Sandbox again, it was a daily ritual
at least she doesn't eat it as much any more

infront of the giraffes, Tylers fav.

L-Keilei checking out the monkeys R- Ain't she cute

L-Kate Tyler & Keilei R-Keilei and I they had a Little People play ground it was so cute

L-Playing with Tyler and Grandma Lowe R-Riding a cow

Sticking a dirty sandy stick in her mouth...then trying to get the sand out!
L-Petting the goats,she wasn't afraid of them at all. R-Grandma Lowe, Kate, Tyler, Me & Keilei

Out to eat at Logan's stake house with Sean's family. The food was amazing. R to L Sean's Mom Tammy, Ryan, Nichole, Me, Sean, Brandon, & Beka
Makaela's Baby Blessing
Super Bowl

The Clan
Sean Keilei & I, Micele Ty & Keira, Erica Jc & Makaela, Jeremy Cathy & Braden, Kevin Melissa Brenna & Brooke

Brenna 17m, Keilei 13m,Makaela 3m, Brooke 17m, Braden 15m, & Kiera 18m
Those are guestimate on age but they are all so close together:) Oh and Brooke and Brenna are twins in case you couldn't tell. Keilei's cousin Kate is also 17 month old!

This is what we went through, about 5-10 times, to get the above pictures

L-Ty, Makele & Kiera R- Me durning the super bowl...I was reading one of the twilight books which is WAY better then any old dumb boring Super Bowl(they are only good for the food and company)

Pizza and chillin with friends

Keilei giving Makaela loves

Kiera, Keilei, Kate
L-Brooke & Brenna R-Kiera & Kate
L-Makele & Keira, R-Tyler Melissa, Kevin, Brooke & Brenna

L-Tyler R-Braden & Cathy
L-The boys Kevin, Ty, JC, & Sean R-Eating Barros pizza

L-Keilei & Brooke R-Keilei and her Daddy(see what I mean about the wings:)
My cute little family
P.S. Thank you So So much Nichole & Ryan for letting us invade your home for the week! You are the BEST! Your house feels like a home away from home Thank You again for everything.