Monday, January 12, 2009

Too Bad So Sad

So some sad news for us. After doing some research we found out that to use the program we wanted to use to get a home has more stipulations then we thought. First you have to live in the area where you work, so in Bountiful area. Second there aren't as many house as we thought that are eligible. There is only one house in all of northern Utah and it is in Salt Lake City.
Well so much for house hunting... for now:(
I'm a totally bumed I was looking forward to actually being able to paint the walls the color I want them, etc. But when the time is right it will work out. We just have to be patient.


JCS said...

YEs, word of warning, (just because Sheldon is in the business) they are constantly changing the laws for mortgages. Yes rates are low, but it will be a bit harder to get everything closed! Though I have no doubt you will get one. Good luck!!!