Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Story Time

Pull up a chair, grab a snack and get comfy I have some stories to tell. J/K they are all short ones but there are a few.
I had a couple nieces and nephews that when they were little said and did the most hilarious and cute things. It always pained me to know that they weren't being written down. So when I was prego I bought a book that I could write about Keilei in.Well I haven't written these in there yet but I thought I would write them here so I don't forget them...
1-I was getting Keilei unbuckled from her car seat. To do that I had to take the book that she was eating, literally eating, away from her. As I took it and set it down she looked at me and did the sign for "More" then looked at the book. Yeah she likes cardboard THAT much. I couldn't help but laugh.

2-Keilei was in my sister Lori's room playing around with her and her stuff when she got up and started walking out of the room. Lori called to her "Keilei where are you going, Keilei come here." Without looking back or pausing she put her hands in the air and did the sign for "All Done" and walked out of the room.

3-Lately when she wants to go down the stairs she will get down on the floor and start crawling backward to the stairs, the funny thing is she starts to do it 3 feet or more before the stairs start. Better safe then sorry right!

4-Today I was feeding Keilei and I got up to get something from the fridge when I came back she was sitting on her tray facing the back of the highchair...Soo that is what the straps are for:)

5-Don't know if I wrote this or not. Keilei & I were at my Mom's. My Mom & I were watching TV and Keilei was being really quiet, which is usually trouble. My Mom went to check on her and 2 seconds later walked back in the room carrying Keilei facing me. She was covered in blue. It was oozing out her mouth down to her shirt and pants. She had gotten in the markers opened one, bite off the top and was chewing on it. Luckily it was a crayola marker which is non-toxic, I checked with poison control:) It was a load of fun cleaning that up.

6- Last night Keilei was laying on her tummy on the floor and she kept her head on the ground and stuck her butt in the air like she was trying to do a somersault so I grabbed her feet and flipped her over. She did it over and over and over again laughing each time. Today when I went to pick her up from my Mom's I walked in Lori's room where Keilei was. She was laying on the floor and she stuck her butt in the air again. Lori said she has been doing that over and over again and laughing. I smiled and got on the floor with her and flipped her over and told them it is because she wanted to do a somersault. And once again she wanted to do it again and again.

7-Keilei isn't a big fan of giving guys kisses, she doesn't like their scruff. So my Dad being the smart man that he is came up with a plan. Keilei loves marshmallows so my Dad will get one and stick it in his lips and Keilei will come and "kiss" him while taking the marshmallow from him. She never tries to take it with her hands only her mouth. It is really cute.

Well that's all for now folks. I'm sure there is more to come, so stay tuned!


Mommy Fats said...

That is such a good idea Jana. I need to be doing this more with mine too. You think you'll remember but you only remember a few of them. She'll love this when she's Steel and Reilly's age.