Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lofland Talent

I have this jean that was past to everyone in my family...Art. Almost every single one of us can draw, in varying degrees of course. If it isn't drawing then it is being able to do crafts or take a great scenic picture etc.
Now don't get me wrong I am not tooting my own horn, I am on the bottom of the totum pole of skill in my family. Bry can take amazing pictures of the mountains, Mike can do colored drawings and sketches that you want to stare at forever, Kristi does any craft you can think of, Sam is a tattoo artist and a very good one, Spencer could do the most amazing pen drawings of anything his mind came up with(I was always jealous of him), Nate is a graphic design artist and does things with pen, pencil, paint, pictures, and the computer that blow my mind!!! Jeff wants to design video games which I am sure he will be great at and does sketches too. I only have the what I learned in High School. But I love to recreate, I can only draw what I see and even then it doesn't turn out as good as I wish it did.
I have always wanted to pursue art some how but I think the only field I would enjoy or be any good at is restoration, and even then it is mostly painting and I have never painted in my life. Not to mention there probably isn't much demand for that in Logan Utah:)
But even if I don't find a field of work that suits me I want to AT LEAST learn new techniques and grow in ability even if it is just a hobby. I don't want to forget what I have learned and regress. I don't really find myself drawing unless I have an assignment or a deadline something to motivate me, even though I love doing it.
Don't laugh..but here are some sketches I have done...

Drew this from a pass along card on my mission.(He Has Risen by Del Parsons painting-also the cover of finding faith in Christ video) It is my personal favorite.

Junior or senior year of High School art assignment- you can't tell but it is poster size

High school assignment- from a photo in the newspaper

Just for fun one of my favorites, bet you can't guess why:)

for fun

Just practice. This is the last picture I have drawn. I'm not good at doing little faces

My mission President and his wife. I drew it on the mission as a going away present before they returned home. It wasn't from that picture but you get the gist right?

High school assignment( I love drawing eyes)

for fun.
Left: is from a picture of my friends and I in Moab, we had just climbed up a canyon. It is charcoal, I love using charcoal.
Right: is just my hand I drew it on my mission.

for fun
high school assignment

left: high school we had 5 or 10 mins to draw her,
right:fun, I LOVE Moulin Rouge

both HS left:self portrait(like I said don't laugh:) right:super hero pulled out of my head

left: just a design I made up, my brother later had it tattooed to his leg as well as a few other people my other brother knew. That is the closet to famous I am ever going to get:)
right: My brother Nate drew I love it. It is very similar to the sketches Spencer used to draw. It is all with pen it blows my mind.

My Brother Spencer drew this of Abanidi from the Book Of Mormon

This is a drawing my brother Nate drew of my Brother Spencer who passed away 6/25/05.
Not only is it amazing and looks JUST like him but I can feel him and what Nate feels for him every time I look at this drawing and my eyes automatically start watering. That is why I love art. There is always so much feeling in pretty much every piece.


Nichole Lowe said...

Ok you are truly talented. I wish I had your talent for crafts and now drawing. Between you and Beka with her photography (although you are good at that too), I am envious. I love the pic of you and Sean.

Missy said...

Wow Jana! You are very artistic! I had no idea. They are all really good drawings,thanks for sharing:)

Unknown said...

Jana- you are super talented! :) All of your sketches are beautiful! Nice work, hun! :)

The Coons Family said...

I've always loved your talent... you're so artistic and good with crafts! I didn't know your entire family had the same, that's too cool!