Sunday, January 11, 2009

House Hunting

In the last couple days we have looked at two different houses. We are trying to decide if we want to try to buy a house and if we could. This is the first time we have seriously thought about it. Because we can get a smoking deal on hud homes that is what we are looking at. Bad thing is there are only 2 in the whole valley.We plan on buying one living in it 3 years and then selling. Getting some equity and then getting something more like we really want. We will see how it goes. These are the two houses they are both the same price.

House 1 has
9 bedrooms 3 1/2 bath
it is over 4000 square feet
it has 2 units that could also be one
but it is in the worst condition I have ever seen a house. Needs Major renovation. $$Cha-Ching$$
It is in Hyrum which is 10 miles south of Logan :(
We were thinking of remodeling it and then renting out one of the units. But it is WAY too big of a job for us.
House 2
6(tiny)bedrooms 3 bathrooms
isn't as spacious
But in way better condition. It would need some cosmetic help like redoing the all pink bathroom, the 70's kitchen cabinets, and some paint, etc
It is in Logan in a great neighborhood in walking distance from the college, a elementary and the mouth of Logan canyon.
I also love how it has mature trees in the front and the back yards and a perfect size yard not too big and not too small. Oh and of course I love how it has a garage and basement.

Again not that we are going to be buying a house, just testing the water to see if we like it.


Nichole Lowe said...

Sean was telling Ryan about the second house. How exciting. Good luck with it all. It is fun but at the same time a pain in the rear end trying to decide what would be best.

Missy said...

How exciting! Good luck with your search, I hope you guys find something you like:)