Friday, January 16, 2009


When I was tagged to do the MTV Cribs I was living at my Mom's for the summer. I was planning on doing it again showing our place in Arizona but it just so happened I never went back so I couldn't get pictures. So now that we are all moved in I thought I would do it for our place here in Logan, Utah.
My favorite room/Keilei's room
I love her room because it is actually the color I want it to be. I covered the walls with fabric because I couldn't stand the wallpaper.

the pic on the right is what the wallpaper looks like
Your favorite home accent or decoration?
I love Pictures so I have a lot

Del Parson's Joseph Smith, Wedding collage I finally got up after being married almost 3 years

I love Keilei's because that is what I get to stare at when I am breastfeeding her.

Sean gave me this wire tree for Christmas 2 years ago I LOVE it. It is from pottery barn they had Christmas cards on it. I like it with family & friends pictures...Can you find yourself?
This is our hobby room
All of Sean's bikes, our movies, and crafts I am working on. Plus boxes we have unpacked and haven't gotten rid of yet.

What is in your pantry?
our tools, vacuum, the clear bag by the black drawers has a bunch of 72hr stuff that I need to organize, and food storage I am working on getting

Our Living room
with Keilei's toys all over as usual

Dining room/office

not much walking room, there is pretty much a one person at a time rule

I LOVE the claw foot tub

Our bedroom

below is our makeshift closet since we have tiny closets

What are your favorite shoes...

Still the same, but I would have to say my chacos are my very favorite. I also have to add slippers now that I live in the cold. Slippers for the winter and choas for the summer that is what I live in.

I know that some of our friends have moved in the last little while so I am going to tag you. I would love to see what it looks like where you are living now.