Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cool for 2009

I have read some blogs were they pick a word to live by that year. I thought it was a good idea. Mine is going to be "COOL".
I want to go on some(at least one) Cool trip this year.
I need to learn how to Cool down and not get so frustrated about the little things.
Learn how to keep my Cool with Keilei (in other words learn more patience) when she puts my brush, necklaces, and various other items in the toilet or eats though my wallet or a marker, or...!
I want to learn a Cool new trade, like actually sign up for a photography class or art class which I have been wanting to do forever and never have.
Think of Cool things I can do to surprise and show Sean I love him.
Come up with inventive ways to teach Cool Young Women's lessons.
Go on some wicked Cool hikes this year. (which would involve getting in shape to do it)
Explore our Cool canyons all around us.
Be a better Cool friend and relative, like remembering Birthdays, keeping in touch better, and give help and support where needed.
Get my Cool crafts done that I have and haven't finished.
Make Keilei some Cool blankets.

My list could go on but you get the gist.
I am going to make 2009 a COOL year.


Mommy Fats said...

Very "cool", sis. I love your new layout too. I'm going to have to think of a word for 2009 that will go with my resolutions. I like it. And remember you have mom and dad there. Once, when Connor dumped out a pitcher of grape juice on the carpet, broke a dozen eggs on the floor, and cut up a blanket--all in ONE hour--the only way I kept my cool was to send him to Grandma's!! ;0) Love and miss you!

Nichole Lowe said...

I swear you are so creative. I love your word for the year. I see all these words and think I want that one but hate to copy so that is why I did phrase. I know what you mean about keeping your COOL when your daughter is putting her Blues Clues stuffed doll in the toilet or stringing out all the toilet paper (that is mine). I guess we will be tested a lot with that this year.

Mama Mia said...

what a great idea. you have some great ideas for this year. i am still trying to write down some things that i hope to actually accomplish this year...we'll see. love ya.