Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Camp Director, Oh My

Oh yeah that's right! I was called on Sunday to be our wards camp director! I am SO stoked. I am still the Laurels advisor too. For all of you out there that think you will never get the one calling that you would really want/like I'm living proof it happens:) It has been awhile since I went to girls camp so I might be biting off more then I can chew by being so excited but I just can't help it. Wha- hoo!!!!


Nichole Lowe said...

How fun. I know I love girls camp and hopefully I will be able to go this year too. I have been since I have been in Young womens and it is so different going as a leader but still an awesome experience.

Kim said...

We are so excited that you are so excited!!! You're going to make camp AWESOME for these girls :)