Friday, December 26, 2008

White Christmas

This is what I woke up to this morning! Well half was there when we came home last night.

What Sean's(rental, write about that later)car looked like last night

There was NO way I could have gotten out our driveway. This is our driveway after I shovel it. The pile on the right that is how deep it was originally I didn't throw any snow on that side, neither did our neibor they were just starting on theirs, that is how much was already there because of the snow plows. Now the pile on the left was what was in the driveway.

Luckily it was powder so it shoveled really easily
This is from last night, that is a good 6 inches incase you can't tell

People that wanted a white Christmas sure got, myself included:) It sure is pretty!


The Coons Family said...

Oh how awesome for you!!! I love it!! What a wonderful Christmas gift from Mother Nature!! Too bad for Sean's car...and the shoveling. I'm enjoying it through the pics so keep me posted. WE LOVE and MISS YOU GUYS TONS!

Nichole Lowe said...

It is beautiful but I can say that I am glad I am here and don't have to worry about shoveling snow. It was great here because it was cloudy and rainy. Not much to clean up there.:) Hope you had a great Christmas.