Sunday, December 21, 2008

Temple Square Lights

The old assemble hall. This and by the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was the prettiest.

The view from or hotel....

Ok I lied this is the real view from the hotel room, lots of construction but if you have tunnel vison it is great, Our room

How much snow had fallen
Sean, Keilei & I went to SLC on Friday to go see the Christmas lights. We got there about 1 and met one of Sean's old mission companions for lunch at a hole in the wall Mexican place that is amazing. Then we went to say hi to my Sis n' law Micaela and niece Lily. Keilei always likes following Lily around, and Keilei needed a place she could just run around for awhile. Then we went to check into our hotel. We had a bunch of Marriott points we haven't used so we decided to stay the night. Then it was off to Sean's Christmas work party, for kids. They drove Santa in on a fire truck! We waited in line to get a pic of Keilei with Santa. Unfortunately she was horrified so no cute pic this year.

It was so funny Keilei isn't scared of anyone, she will go to anyone, except Santa apparently

Can you tell Keilei is the daughter of a firefighter:)

Keilei stuffing her face with a cookie, She thought it was the funnest thing to rub her cookie up and down Sean's shirt. Luckily Dad was a good sport about it.
Sean & I both love this picture!
We went back to the hotel and bundled up and walked to temple square, only a block away! It was snowing the whole time but so Beautiful! It has been a really long time since I have been and I remember there being more lights. There is this one big huge pine tree that was my favorite, it is right by the east wall that you go out of to get to the Joseph Smith memorial building, it was always done in red lights and it wasn't decorated :( I was a really bummed. But in between the east wall and JSMB was the prettiest part I loved it.

I loved this tree

Our marshmallow baby

There is an awesome white nativity behind us that sits in the reflection pond it was beautiful
At one point she had a whole crowd of people stopped to watch her. She was saying hi to them and being loud and making the cutest faces at them
Tree in the JSMB

View from the top floor of the JSMB. It's foggy cause my lens was all fogged from being out in the cold then coming into the warm. But isn't it an awesome view!
Keilei was amazing the whole time. She was so funny though, Sean pushed the stroller, she would start to fuss until I would walk beside her and hold her hand. As long as I held her hand she was quiet as a mouse.
We went back to the hotel and Keilei would not go to bed till after 11! She NEVER does that. We woke up the next morning checked out went to get breakfast . After that it was off to the Church History museum. I LOVE museums! They even had a place for little kids to play and dress up like Mary & Shepard's and stuff. Keilei had a blast she didn't want to leave.

Then we were off to go back home. I don't think I mentioned this but it snowed the whole time. It was a snow storm on the way down and on the way home.


Nichole Lowe said...

Ok first off holy Christmas trees. I love Keilei's. I need to steal it for Kate's room and I love the big tree you got. I would say those are my fav. Second, it looks like you guys had such a great time in SLC. The snow made it look even more like Christmas. What a fun little getaway. Don't worry Kate screamed for Santa too and she goes to anyone. Oh well maybe next year.

Mommy Fats said...

I love that "foggy" picture of the temple. You couldn't have gotten a cooler shot if you'd planned it. I was just wondering how you managed to make it look like that when I read your explanation. I'm stealing that one! :0) And you're right--there used to be a TON more lights. Wonder why not this year?